$99 GooPhone 5C iPhone 5C Clone to launch in September

goophone 5c iphone clone
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Chinese clone maker GooPhone are at it again with news claiming that they will be ready to launch a GooPhone  5C iPhone 5C clone in September!

Apple’s lax security over the past few years hasn’t done them any favours. Last year while we were waiting for the iPhone 5 to launch various leaks and photos allowed Chinese knock-off maker GooPhone to launch a remarkable iPhone 5 clone at virtually the same time as Apple. GooPhone were even bold enough to say they would take Apple to court and sue them for design copyright!

That never happened, but my guess is Apple wish it had and they had taken GooPhone to the cleaners because now they are preparing to launch a $99 GooPhone 5C clone!

Just as the iPhone 5C will be a budget iPhone it’s Chinese clone will also come with lower than average specs including a 4-inch QHD display, 1.2Ghz dual-core MT6572 processor, 1GB RAM and an 8 mega-pixel rear camera.

Do you think Apple have this coming to them? or is this they type of news which ruins the name of honest Chinese phone makers?

Ying Hua
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  • Harald

    It’s the phone of goo… well I didn’t know they had a bee as a logo?

  • STT

    I think you mean a MT6572 chipset

    Releasing a MT6592 phone at 99$ would be amazing though

    • http://www.gizchina.com Andi

      Ah yes, corrected that thanks

  • hamsteyr

    Chinese companies should really stop making kirfs. So much potential for themselves wasted because they want to ride the fame of someone else’s products

  • Mark

    “Do you think Apple have this coming to them? or is this they type of news which ruins the name of honest Chinese phone makers?”

    Very much the latter.

  • Robin Hood

    Goophone is just total shit, build quility is shit, iOS skin is shit and the processor is shit… Why the hell would people buy this…. shit. Waiste of money if you ask me, there are a lot of great chinaphones which deserve the attention instead of this one hehe.

  • Oliver

    Robin Hood might get a clone of Goophone. The Goophone is not bad at all.

    • Louisclub

      thank you for the precision. having never tried goophone, i want to try this one when it will come out.