UPDATE: Chinese Phone Maker of the GooPhone i5 might have blocked iPhone...

UPDATE: Chinese Phone Maker of the GooPhone i5 might have blocked iPhone 5 sales in China!


Android fans, especially those of you who love your Samsung devices, might have something to cheer about today as it looks like Chinese phone maker GooPhone have already patented the design of the new iPhone 5 before Apple have had chance!

[Alert]November 2012 Update! GooPhone have just released details of the GooPhone i5!:


If you’re not familiar with GooPhone then you might want to check out their latest phone the GooPhone i5 which is an Android smartphone based on the design of leaked iPhone 5 components which keep cropping up across China.

Like the iPhone 5 design, the GooPhone I5 is basically a much larger iPhone 4S with a 4 inch screen, smaller dock connector and larger external speaker grills along with a headphone rack on the bottom rather than on the top.

The most intriguing part of the GooPhone i5’s design is the fact that GooPhone claim they have patented it in China, which could effectively block Apple from selling their next generation iPhone in the Chinese market, and may even mean GooPhone have the right to block iPhone 5 exports completely!


GooPhone i5 iPhone 5 clone hands on


GooPhone i5 Specification

The GooPhone i5 is expected to launch a little after the genuine iPhone 5 later this month and is said to feature an Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core 1.4Ghz CPU, 1GB RAM, Android 4.0 ICS with an iOS 6 theme, 8 mega-pixel rear camera and a 4 inch screen with an impressive retina display resolution of 1280 x 720.

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More GooPhone i5 news coming soon!


[Alert]November 2012 Update! GooPhone have just released details of the GooPhone i5!:

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  • broli

    If those specs are real, screw the G3 then I’m going for the goophone!

    • I love iPhone and I love Android. Both of the OS’s are great. I also like anything coming out of China really.. But it’s clear here what happened… they got the leaked images of the iPhone 5, and made their own phone, patented the design (despite it looking like every leaked image of the iPhone 5) and even went so far as to call it the GooPhone i5 … he he he… Ingenious really! And hoping for some quick settlement in the way of $$$$

      • G.A. Fernandez

        That’s what Apple gets, for trusted the Chinese and having there company over there. Grass is not greener on other side . You know they are always makin knock off. I would never have my American company over sea. But lucky for for apple I will not buy Chinese junk . I just don’t trust them. They may have spy shit in there phone, America better watch out. Buy American..also remember they don’t play well, remember the dog treats that kill many of are pets. Also the toy with lead in them ,to harm are kids.

  • Snorlax

    Three cheers for Goophone, hippip, hooray, hippip, hooray, hippip, hooray.
    Well done son.

  • Logi_Ca1

    Ha! Retribution for Apple’s patent trolling!

  • kanishkapd

    wonderful news andi..:)
    finally…this should have happened long time ago.
    seriously have to consider buying a goophone i5.

    • @kanishkapd if the GooPhone’s specs are going to be as good as they say then I think I want one too!

      • funtikar

        So did anyone really tried out the goophone and test whether the specs are real?

        • mira

          Yess I gott one it has way more apps , and all u need is a card .

  • Ivan

    mmm this would be a great idea to “push” apple back to the right path (whatever the right path is). They’ve been too busy on suing their competitors that they actually forgot to build and awesome product and the funniest part is, they can’t really sue Goophone since Goophone is not officially sold on US where the patent systems are extremely broken, where apple used the broken gap to win in the lawsuit, where in China they can actually sue apple if they are to release the iPhone 5.

    I can’t even tell which one is funnier, the Goophone patent on the design (if it is true) or counter-troll of broken patent system by Goophone (if this actually happened too).

  • L3viz

    It will al depend on the pricetag on this beaty!

    • @L3clz I imagine 2000 Yuan or $313 when it launches.

  • Francis.R.

    Is it dual sim:P? Looks very fine.

    I think IPhones are great products, but Apple is taking a dangerous path whit that ridiculous patent war. Fortunately the world isn’t going to follow the usa (bad) example.

    • @Francis.R no I don’t this it is

  • Amby

    Payback time, BIAATTTCCCHHH !! 😛

    • IF it turns out to be accurate I wonder how far GooPhone are willing to take it?

  • Nat

    goophone.com is online. Is goophone.tk or .com the official?

  • Brad Chan

    Oh yay! Three cheers for cheap Chinese knockoff companies! Maybe Samsung should buy these uninventive crooks, seems like their MO exactly.

    All you haters also make me laugh with your desire to have what looks like an iPhone too.

  • teja.srch

    wow !!! very funny news


    Apple crumble

  • asd

    Hey Brad Chan:

    remember in 1996 when Steve Jobs repeated the famous quote “good artists copy, great artists steal.”?

    well let me refresh your memory


  • Zuhaib

    Swcew iPhone & S III, I am getting a goo phone when possible.

    • Mike

      Zuhaib is a world class idiot. Anyone who would buy a knock off, fake phone, from a company like this is an idiot. Not to mention Apple already has patents for the Iphone 4….guess what…this is basically the same thing. No court of law would rule in their favor. Apple’s patents would win easily against them. Moron.

  • ThinkOutsideTheBox

    If this Is the case, JiaYu should sue Apple for copying JiaYu G3’s phone with the iphone 5, because they look similar. I hate to admit it, but the JiaYu G3 looks similar to the GooApple as well.

  • Good morning,
    my names is giovanni, i read your article on gizchina.com.
    keen on some information, I would buy at your site, the goodphone 5.
    How can I do, how much cost?
    Sorry for my english, I’m Italian

  • Good morning,
    my names is giovanni, i read your article on gizchina.com.
    keen on some information, I would buy at your site, the goophone 5
    How can I do, how much cost?
    Sorry for my english, I’m Italian

  • Sorry, wrong site. You can delete my comments and my e-mail please?
    Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience. Let me know, thanks

  • Freeje

    I’d buy it if it had a bigger screen at least a 4.5. The screen on the S3 is just my type.

  • Robert

    I really doubt it. The goophone is an OBVIOUS rip off from early designs that were leaked to the Internet. They have no case and are just flushing their money down the Apple toilet if they try and block and sue. If anyone believes different, I have a really long wall in China to sell you.

    • @Robert how much? 😉

  • Raf

    The I5 cloned the supposed iPhone 5. Wasn’t that part of its charm? So why stop the sale of the real thing?

  • Niels

    NO WAY…!! You cannot just make a product (even in China) 5% larger than another product but besides that 100% identically and then furthermore expect to get a valid patent on the design…!! If that was the case what is wrong with copying a Gucci bag, a Mercedes Benz etc..?? (just make it 5% larger and then tell Mercedes that they are not allowed to sell their cars..!!??)

  • Ivan

    @Niels: the system of patent is not who is the first to invent it. Rather who is the one who legally patent it. Goophone case, in China, IF the case is true, means they have legally patent the design, even before Apple able to do so (in China only, mind you). I know it is a broken one but hey! if the patent system isn’t broken US Patent shouldn’t have granted “slide to unlock” patent to Apple in the first place. So basically with the system, they can legally sue apple if in case Apple try to sell iPhone 5 (again if the case is true) without paying royalties to Goophone.

  • John Criton

    @asd – still have to get away with it…

  • Laughing at you

    The sight of hopeless Android fanboys praying that some Chinese knockoffs are going to be able to stop Apple from selling the new iPhone is really too enjoyable. Thank you for this article.

  • Mark

    Clearly missing the point of patents then….

    The goophone breaks quite a few of the patents set down by the iphone 4 and 4s… The Chinese government actually doesn’t give too much of a crap about patents and it’s clearly shown with the cheap knockoffs of the previous iphones and it extends beyond phones to cars / computers / kitchenware / etc…

  • John

    This isn’t an Android fanboy issue. I own both an iPhone and an Android tablet. I like them both, and they are geared toward different uses.
    But this whole mess of Apple suing everyone to increase their hold on the market is just nonsense. Part of Apple’s appeal has always been its underdog maverick mentality. I don’t like the fact that now that they actually have market viability that they feel threatened by every competing product that comes out.
    Protecting your patent is fine, but trying to patent an entire style movement isn’t just stupid, it’s obnoxious.
    Motorola didn’t sue when people copied their flip-phone idea. PC makers didn’t sue each other and Apple when they came with folding laptops. It just makes Apple look like a scared, desperate bully when they pull this, when they clearly have nothing to be scared or desperate about. And if they did, they should just come out with newer, more innovative products, just like they always have.

  • kleitos

    Nice to see how the patent issue revelas istself as being a bummerang for Apple.

    Let them taste their own medicine …

  • bobx

    Completely fake

  • Thex1138

    Sorry to burst the bubble but it is highly unlikely that Apple would be blocked by ths kind of rip off as the Chinese market already has scores of feeble clones that fall apart 6 months after purchase.
    Why would the Chinese authorities risk damaging their reputation with key trading partners (not just Apple) for this kind of bogus stunt.

  • mart

    Surely the ‘iOS6 theme’ android is enough to get it taken off the market by apple?
    And the likeness to the iPhone 4 itself.

  • John

    You forget they won’t be suing in the usa but china – china is very pro-china companies and anti-us companies when it comes to local patent/trademark enforcement. Hence why there are so many knock-offs in china – they are challenged legally locally by us/european companies but are not enforced by chinese authorities. But if a chinese company challenges an outside company it has a higher chance of success.

  • J

    I highly doubt this is true. Ptents are not based on who submits first. Patents are based on who INVENTS frst and that is it. Goophone (if it actually exists) is nothing more than a cheap knockoff of a very solid Apple product.

  • Volntyr

    Wouldnt it have been really funny if the Goophone was leaked a month ago and started selling worldwide before Apple could do anything? I’m actually surprised that this hasnt happened sooner

  • Jamal

    right back at ya apple, where it hurts more.I had Chinese made tablet the flytouch superpasd and they wer great actually my mates were mopre surprised with them the the Ipooed. So May be when the Good phone comes out I might just get one.

  • Justin

    I’m sure Apple already has a patent in China. They wouldn’t wait until it’s release to patent it.

    Chinese companies are scum. They rip off everything we ship there anyway, patents don’t mean anything to them. Either way, Apple’s got much bigger coffers, and much more pull.

  • Owais

    Apple has plenty of reason to be paranoid and protective of their style: Steve Jobs is dead. He was the only one with enough brilliance (though he did have plenty of arrogance as well), to make apple succeed. His vision and style are what made apple stand out. Now that he’s gone, that innovative streak seems to be gone as well.

    So they have to try to jealously guard what little they have left in order to stay relevant. A failure-prone strategy, but understandable.

  • Earl

    “The most intriguing part of the GooPhone i5′s design is the fact that GooPhone claim they have patented it in China, which could effectively block Apple from selling their next generation iPhone in the Chinese market, and may even mean GooPhone have the right to block iPhone 5 exports completely!”

    This is absolute bull! Anyone who believes this is an absolute IDIOT!

  • frank

    If this phone is reasonably priced and is unlocked for AT&T, I’m definitely buying one just to spite Apple’s greedy patent lawsuits to stop legitimate competition. HA! Try to sue the GooPhone makers. I dare you.

  • USA #1

    Seriously if I was chinese I would be so embarrassed at the fact that only contribution to humanity China has provided was gun powerder and noodles.

    How about you chinese develop your own shyt n stop copying other people’s ideas. I guess not having freedom of speech means not hving creativity abilites.

  • Ramin

    Wooooow bitch what kind of fucking accent is that? I bet u that hoe doesn’t even know any english and they probably wrote down whatever she said in Chinese and she just read it out.

  • todd

    Don’t underestimate the economic and political undertones here. The Chinese government will back Apple. Why? Because the alternative will be Apple pulling all it’s future production from the Chinese market if they face this kind of “steal it and patent it” risk on all of it’s products.

  • Joe

    Haha, amusing is the fact that people actually believe this. Even if Goophone would own some of the patents of the device they would never win in court as Apple have their track record to show as evidence against this copy. Ridiculous is the fact that some people seems to want a phone that looks like an iPhone but does not have all the features we have come to expect from the device.

  • I don’t think a patent battle in China would be easy for either Apple or GooApple if things got ugly: https://www.gizchina.com/2012/09/08/goophone-vs-apple-who-would-win-in-a-patent-battle/

  • Wade

    Lol why is there so much hate on Apple from you guys? If it wasn’t for Apple, we would still be stuck seeing Window’s horrible design. Both Google and WIndows aren’t designer based.

  • Roger

    @Wade, what is exactly is so “horrible” about Windows design. I have experience with both Windows and OS X, and in all honesty, in my unbiased opinion Windows is miles ahead of OS X in terms of desgin and usability. So much so, that I really hate OS X with a passion.

  • Marcelo Nunes

    Ctrl c Ctrl v, antes do lançamento.

  • Owen

    Isn’t it amazing? iphone 5 is same as this one.

  • Boniface Mbaria

    Apple would seriously go nutz if they saw this!!!..then again..its better always will be..

  • michael moore

    I want a goophone besides show me an iphone made n the usa not n china :p

  • Steve

    That is seriously a bad news for Apple. It’s own tricks are eating it.

  • mc wong

    The fruit company is going to taste it’s own medicine! good.

  • mohit agarwala

    hey i bought a goophone from bangkok, i inserted a sim network is showing but i’m unable to make calls and send text messages please help me out….

  • AndyPandy

    Looks like the Chinese are getting there own back for Apple paying them a pittance to make the real Iphone i’m buying a Goophone it’s got the Apple build quality and an operating system that has’nt gone stale and for the right price!