GooPhone I5 is the world’s first Android iPhone 5 clone

The clone and knock off makers have jumped the gun again and have launched the GooPhone I5, an Android powered iPhone 5 clone based on the designs leaked from China over the past few months.

The GooPhone I5 iPhone 5 knock off features the exterior design of the purported leaked iPhone 5 components we’ve been seeing recently, however it won’t be able to make use of iPhone 5 accessories as we might have hoped.

The reason for this being that while many believe the new iPhone 5 from Apple will feature a 4 inch screen, this knock off iPhone 5 from China is still sporting a 3.5 inch Retina display with 960 x 640 resolution.

goophone i5 iphone 5 knock off

If that isn’t enough of a let down well be prepared to be upset a little more as the GooPhone i5 uses a single core MTK MT6575 1Ghz CPU, has just 512mb RAM, a front 1.3 mega-pixel camera and rear 5 mega-pixel camera.

So the ‘new’ GooPhone i5 is actually more like the GooPhone Y5 but with a slight redesign to give it the apperance of the rumored iPhone 5!

goophone i5 android iphone 5 knock off


Other than the size they’ve done a pretty good job too, as this iPhone 5 clone gets a mini dock connector, 3.5mm headphone jack in the base and larger than normal speaker grills.

Overall though I’m not impressed with the GooPhone i5, iPhone 5 clone and if I were in the market for a phone like this I would wait to see what GooApple have planned for their Android powered iPhone 5 knock off.


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