GooPhone I5 is the world’s first Android iPhone 5 clone

GooPhone I5 is the world’s first Android iPhone 5 clone


The clone and knock off makers have jumped the gun again and have launched the GooPhone I5, an Android powered iPhone 5 clone based on the designs leaked from China over the past few months.

The GooPhone I5 iPhone 5 knock off features the exterior design of the purported leaked iPhone 5 components we’ve been seeing recently, however it won’t be able to make use of iPhone 5 accessories as we might have hoped.

The reason for this being that while many believe the new iPhone 5 from Apple will feature a 4 inch screen, this knock off iPhone 5 from China is still sporting a 3.5 inch Retina display with 960 x 640 resolution.

goophone i5 iphone 5 knock off

If that isn’t enough of a let down well be prepared to be upset a little more as the GooPhone i5 uses a single core MTK MT6575 1Ghz CPU, has just 512mb RAM, a front 1.3 mega-pixel camera and rear 5 mega-pixel camera.

So the ‘new’ GooPhone i5 is actually more like the GooPhone Y5 but with a slight redesign to give it the apperance of the rumored iPhone 5!

goophone i5 android iphone 5 knock off


Other than the size they’ve done a pretty good job too, as this iPhone 5 clone gets a mini dock connector, 3.5mm headphone jack in the base and larger than normal speaker grills.

Overall though I’m not impressed with the GooPhone i5, iPhone 5 clone and if I were in the market for a phone like this I would wait to see what GooApple have planned for their Android powered iPhone 5 knock off.


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  • RunnY

    Could it called “copy of the IP5” by Apple if it will be released earlier then the original? 😉

    • @RunnY watch out Apple will sue you for that 😉

  • amby

    What a piece of garbage…

  • Tuta Kanemm

    LOL!!! hope i dont get sued for LOL 😀

    but honestly, they coulda done better, this woulda been a more nicer case than what sammy is being sued for now. i love the speaker grills, wish this had more power underneath, but naa, nice though, lets see how tim plays the dice this time around.

  • ThinkOutsideTheBox

    Is this information about the GooPhone I5 100% official, or just rumors? I’m hoping this Isn’t true. I am truly disappointed. I was hoping for a 1:1 copy.

    Now, I’m going to have to wait, and hold out until GooPhone releases a better version, or If HDC beats them to a powerful 1:1 copy. These are the only 2 companies that makes good quality clones, if I’m wrong please correct me.

    Something Is telling me that this design isn’t anything like the iphone 5 that will be announced September 12th, so these companies might have to redo their designs. We shall see, only 2 weeks left!

    • Well according to some sits (an affiliate of a store which I won’t link to here) they say the GooPhone is a quad-core, 4 inch iPhone killer. The news I read say’s it’s just a 3.5 inch single core meh….. I’m keeping my eye on GooApple for this one!

  • George

    How can to bye it ?

  • joey

    looks just like any other phone, failed

  • bullshit, dont soport that shit

  • ilovehinata

    It seems that GooPhone patented the design and will sew Apple if they try to sell a cellphone with a design copied from their i5.

    I personally love Apple products but I’m very VERY unhappy for their patent trolling strategy.
    I hope this slaps them into reality and they realize that this patent frenzy is stupid.

  • jims

    Apple will go to the Chinese trade relations board and to key Govt officials and simply threaten to pull out of Shenzen.The costs of manufacturing in China is rising…they need to be careful…a huge company like Flextronics would build a plant in Malaysia in a heart beat if they thought they could get that business.

    The prolonged threat of industrial piracy and espionage in Asia is a greater threat than Apple’s tough positions on patents..

  • txe

    Hi there.
    Interesting review, indeed, but is outdated now (Dec. 2012) isn’t?. The gooPhone pro is mtk 6577 (dual core) 4inch screen & 8Mpx rear camera and so on. Do you still stand your views on this?
    You said that other than the size they have done a pretty good clone, however I personally don’t care not to able to make use of iPhone 5 accessories other than screen guard protector since it will be rather difficult to find.