Video: JiaYu G3 Hands on Gaming Test!

More good news guys we have a hands on video with the JiaYu G3 showing off this Chinese phones gaming capabilities! Keep reading to watch the video after the break!

I have a rule when it comes to Chinese brand gadgets and phones and that is this; if my wife, a self admitted ‘phone snob’, says something looks good and seems impressed then it must actually be an awesome bit of kit!

That’s what happened just this moment as I was watching  the JiaYu G3 hands on video, my wife said it looks “Awesome” and thinks it’s about time I retired my iPhone 4 for one….

I agree from the video below the JiaYu G3 looks every bit as impressive as we all hoped it would! The video shows someone at JiaYu’s factory playing Brothers in Arms 2 on the 4.5 inch Android phone and shows off the JiaYu’s impressive gyroscopic sensors to full effect for looking around in the game!

Not only does the JiaYu G3’s dual-core MTK MT6577 CPU handle Brothers in Arms 2 without a problem, allowing the game to run smoothly without slowing down, but the 4.5 inch IPS screen on the G3 looks stunning and seems to have a very impressive viewing angle!


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