How to install new “Smart View Flip Cover ZP990 firmware” with Flash tool

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Zopo international forum has published a very interesting guide on how to update new Zopo ZP990 C7 Captain S phablet to the latest firmware. Whit this new firmware will be activates and allows FLIP Cover use with phone in standby mode (style Samsung Galaxy S4) . To understand what we are talking about, look at these sample pictures below:

zopo zp990 flipcover update

This flip cover function, therefore, allowing you, for example, to respond immediately to an incoming call without having to wake up phone from standby mode!

zopo zp990 flipcover update

zopo zp990 flipcover update

Thanks to Zopo Italy, who kindly sent us a sample for review, we also have the opportunity to try this new firmware and Smart View on Flip Cover!

How to install new “Smart View Flip Cover ZP990 firmware” with Flash tool

What you need to install new zp990 firmware:

PART ONE: ZOPO ZP990 MT6589T drivers installtion

zopo zp990 flipcover update

The first step to be executed is MT6589T Drivers installation on your PC. Obviously skip this step if you have already MT6589T drivers installed on your PC!

Download Universal MT6589T drivers zip (1) and run the executable named “UniversalAdbDriverSetup6″

zopo zp990 flipcover update

IMPORTANT NOTE: For best results use Windows XP, but it also works on Windows 8 (tested by myself). I recommend that you always run the various files by clicking with the right mouse button and choosing “Run as administrator”.

An alternative way to install MT6589T drivers on your PC is using SnapPea software, which you can download here.

zopo zp990 flipcover update

If Mt6589T universal is successful (see image above) you can proceed to the next step!

PART ONE: Update touch display ZOPO ZP990

To allow “active Flip Cover” use on Zopo ZP990 C7 will need upgrade the touch. See together how to do!

Download files linked on 2 point and copy them (Upgrade.apk and ZP990_V17.bin) on the phone memory. Now open “FileManager” and install the upgrade.apk as for any app (be careful to enabled in the system settings to install from “unknown sources” ( To enable it, click on “Settings -> Security -> flags on “Unknown sources”).

Once installed Upgrade.apk opening the app you will find a screen like this and you’ll notice that the “Current FW Ver” value will be 0 × 14:

zopo zp990 flipcover update

Go into the “FilePath” TAB, click “Open File”, select the file, previously placed on the phone memory, called ZP990_V17, and click “Start.” Absolutely don’t touch the screen during this operation!

zopo zp990 flipcover update

On completion of the operation should display “Current FW Ver” parameter on “0 × 17”, as you can see in the picture below.

zopo zp990 flipcover update

Congratulations! Touch updating procedure will be ended and you can proceed with Zopo ZP990 C7 new firmware installation (with Flash Tool)

PART TWO: ZOPO ZP990 C7 Firmware Update with Flash Tool

Perfect! Drivers are installed and touch update! Now you just need to flash new firmware with Flash Tool. Let’s see how to do!

VIDEO: How to flash Zopo ZP990 C7 new firmware with Flash Tool

First unpack Flash_tool archive (point 3) ZOPO ZP990 new firmware (point 5) to a folder (for example, on the desktop) and you supply to replace recovery.img file in the ZOPO ZP990 firmware folder with the downloaded one (point 4).
Go into “SP_Flash_Tool_v3.1316.0.150″ folder and right click one”Flash_tool” executable file and if you use Windows 8, select “Run as administrator”:

zopo zp990 flipcover update

At this point it will open Flash_tool:

zopo zp990 flipcover update
Load scatter clicking on “scatter-loading” then select “MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc”file in the ZOPO ZP990 new firmware folder, previously downloaded and unpacked on your desktop.

zopo zp990 flipcover update
It is very important to note that the operations described so far are all to do with NOT connected phone to your PC.
At this point you should click on “Download” (the option between “Firmware -> Upgrade” and “Stop”) to start new firmware flash operation.

zopo zp990 flipcover update
Once you click on the “Download” button connect ZP990 to your computer without battery. If you have followed the above steps you will see a progress bars in the Flash Tool window bottom. Do not disconnect the phone from the PC during this process and wait for the end of it, until the appearance of a window with a green circle (see picture).

zopo zp990 flipcover update
Congratulations! You have just installed Zopo ZP990 C7 Captain S new firmware!

If you are still not happy and you also want make your ZP990 rooted, I refer to the guide on how to get Root permissions, a new recovery and a new Rom on Zopo C2 Platinum , where you will find directions to perform the task that you care.

In fact, the ZOPO ZP990 rooting procedure is exactly the same as that followed in the ZOPO C2 Platinum guide.

Please note that Zopo Italy offers all readers an exclusive discount with discount code GIZOPOIT5.

NB: The operations described in this and other pages are to be performed with extreme caution. Therefore, the author does not assume any responsibility.

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