Poll: Which Chinese phone maker do you want to see team up with Cyanogenmod?

Cyanogenmod is now a company! The team have funding and they will be working with a hardware maker which will run their excellent ROM! So if you had a choice of Chinese phone maker who would you like to see work with them?

Cyanogenmod have raised $7 million in funding, are rumoured to be working with a hardware maker (possibly Oppo) and are planning to launch a simple installer app which will allow anyone to install the latest CM ROM with one simple click.

We and others are pretty sure Oppo are already on board with the team, but Cyanogenmod are going to want more partners, so which Chinese phone companies would you like to see open up to developers?

Obviously there are some companies who aren’t going to be interested in the idea. Xiaomi and Meizu spring to mind, but other Chinese phone makers might be swayed to embrace the idea! Please vote and feel free to choose more than one choice!

[poll id=”4″]

We’ll keep the poll open for a week. Also, if there are any other 3rd party ROMs you would like to see receive manufacturer support let us know in the comments section.

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