Poll: Which Chinese phone maker do you want to see team up...

Poll: Which Chinese phone maker do you want to see team up with Cyanogenmod?


Cyanogenmod is now a company! The team have funding and they will be working with a hardware maker which will run their excellent ROM! So if you had a choice of Chinese phone maker who would you like to see work with them?

Cyanogenmod have raised $7 million in funding, are rumoured to be working with a hardware maker (possibly Oppo) and are planning to launch a simple installer app which will allow anyone to install the latest CM ROM with one simple click.

We and others are pretty sure Oppo are already on board with the team, but Cyanogenmod are going to want more partners, so which Chinese phone companies would you like to see open up to developers?

Obviously there are some companies who aren’t going to be interested in the idea. Xiaomi and Meizu spring to mind, but other Chinese phone makers might be swayed to embrace the idea! Please vote and feel free to choose more than one choice!

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We’ll keep the poll open for a week. Also, if there are any other 3rd party ROMs you would like to see receive manufacturer support let us know in the comments section.

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  • dtmpower

    Jiayu !

    • nosense

      They should work with Mediatek, not phonemakers…

      And we all would have the pros of that partnership.

      Until then, The F word to Mediatek for not releasing the code necesary to build up a ROM for the MTK6589 chip.

  • iNEW

    there must be one more option – “Other”

    • Paulius

      Or none…

  • beginner007


    • adgufo


    • Hardi999


    • Larry


  • joe


  • Lexey

    HUAWEI 4 sure

  • Chrispynutt

    In particular I think Jiayu, FAEA and Neo are in weird space between no-name makes and the top tier Oppo, Lenovo and Miezu.

    Jiayu’s design especially seem a little me too, FAEA and Neo seem to know what they have in mind.

    Jiayu seem to work hard on their build and roms these days. I’d like a two way communication between them and CM to build something as refined externally as they have in CM software.

    Moon on a stick time.

    CM + Jiayu with phones on a par visually with say the Zune HD and Lenevo K900. Maybe a two size range with a one handed use 4.2″ 720P and 5″+ 1080P two handed phone. Good sized battery, removable and SD card slot. Maybe a lightweight LCD or ePaper watch for updates.

  • Spyros

    Knowing how porting works, they probably need to build rom for mediatekek xxx and then all the phones with the same cpu will be able to boot it and with a little push from community to get everything working. right now they haven’t made any rom for any mediatek cpu..

    • yes, agreed. But this is a Mediatek policy decision. They are holding the kernel code necessary for an AOSP project and refuse to release it in to open source.

      • fan

        And why the hell not? Is Google bribing or coercing mediatek to hinder the non-google android community? Or is MTK too space age?

      • chalimoja

        Yap. Mediatek suck big time. Whats so special about their code?? That why all MTK6577 phones are stuck on 4.1 and all of us who bought phones with MTK6589 are now held at ransom waiting to see if we will get KitKat as its all upto Mediatek not the manufacturers. Why dont they just release the code and let the community do the rest? I wish someone could start an online petition.

      • Marius

        Not really true. Mediatek are not withholding the source code. Sony, TCL ( Alcatel ), Samsung and probably others release the Mediatek source code so it’s out there in case anyone wants it.
        Specific Chinese manufacturers won’t release the kernel source code with their ( probably slight ) adaptations for their specific HW.

        • Aeonia

          actually as a developer, we have the sources for mtk6589 the only thing missing even from the Sony Xperia C sources, which i the most complete to date..is the MediaTek framework which we believe MediaTek is holding..without those, we cant do almost everything involved with custom roms, kernels, porting…

          • Marius

            Could you be more specific as to what you mean by Mediatek Framework, I’m really curious because I’ve been thinking about working on custom firmwares for Mediatek phones too.
            Do you mean the Android layer above the kernel ?

  • Oppo!

    • YES! Wouldn’t it be great to have CM10.2 on a phone with N1 specs!

    • hven


  • I’d like to see JiaYu phones running cm builds. Official ones.

    • chalimoja

      It’s all upto Mediatek not the manufaturers unfortunately, with their silly hold up of kernel code. No code means no offcial custom ROMs for any mediatek phone.

      • Marius

        Plenty of Mediatek source code out there from Sony, TCL and probably others.
        Manufacturers in China aren’t releasing the source code.

    • I really think we haven’t been able to understand the working much. I really don’t think companies like Jiayu are benefitted from holding back the source code; I think there’s much more to the market than we make of it. Mediatek provides chipsets to relatively small time manufacturers like UMi and JiaYu to international manufacturers like Sony. I think there’s pressure from Mediatek to not release the source code; which in turn comes from companies like Sony.
      Just a theory I would like to believe in. Makes sense?

  • Airyl

    I’ll go THL. Simply because I love the THL W11.

  • Rich

    Those saying JiaYu obviously aren’t in a rush to get a CyanogenMod phone then! lol 2015 release maybe? 😉

  • srps

    Maximum number of choices allowed: 1

    Either remove that limit or don’t say in the article that we can choose more than 1.

  • Hmmm…

    To be practical, it’s not going to happen for any of the Mediatek based companies until Mediatek releases their code into opensource.

    And while that rules out Zopo, THL, JiaYu, iOcean, UMI, and many others, it does leave Oppo, Viva, ZTE, Huawei, and Lenovo, that use Qualcomm Snapdragons, or their own ARM chips.

    Of the Qualcomm based batch, Oppo seems to be the best positioned to become a CM partner.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I’d LOVE to see Mediatek based devices running AOSP based software builds. And I REALLY hope that Mediatek will change there ways about their software policies soon. Of the Mediatek based group, Zopo and UMI are the companies that be the best “partners” for CM, they have the right attitude and temperament to support the software, and won’t insist on ruining it with custom modifications or by yanking out services that aren’t popular with the Chinese government.

    Summary: Oppo (best choice)
    Longshots: Zopo and UMI.

    • Amit

      S1 is a snapdragon powered phone from Jiayu. I hope it comes with CM

  • SBS


  • lycao


    Would be amazing to see this show up with the find 7 next year.

  • sere83

    None of the Above and obviously Oppo is the one and in fact is the most likely given the support they have shown cyanogen already.

    Oppo is in a completely different league to almost all Chinese and in fact a number of the big brands when it comes to build quality, The smaller manufacturers using only mediatek chipsets are way behind. With cyanogen on board Oppo along with xiaomi will pose a very serious threat to the mainstream players, I would love to see it.

    • Simon

      Did you know Oppo are originally famous for manufacturing Blu Ray Drives.

  • Meizufan

    Meizu. Will be their chance to grow and introduce much more in international market . But maybe they would need to create their own processor cause maybe Exynos processor may limit share open source code.

  • CL

    No doubts : FAEA F2S!

  • R3B0RN

    None. I rather see stock Android running on all of em.

  • Manos

    I like Jiayu I have 2 phones my friends has Jiayu …

  • Albert

    TCL !

  • Volcacius

    Mediatek business strategy is pretty simple; they don’t release source code for their platforms so that at every major software update the user is forced to get a new phone. This way they can afford to stay cheap while maintaining a costant profit over the new android versions. If things didn’t went this way, their phones wouldn’t be so cheap. I don’t understand how people can realistically expect more, they are a company, not a no profit group.

    • Fingers crossed that a) either they change that policy or b) Chinese phone makers up their game and start offering Qualcomm devices. Oppo have shown the rest of the Chinese phone makers the way forward, smaller companies just need to do what they can to offer something similar.

  • Speedy

    Hey Andi
    Could ya tell me if voto x2 and umi x2 are same?
    Can i use umi x2 roms in voto ?
    umi India is delivering voto x2 rather than umi x2 :/ just got mine

    • They are from the same factory, but I believe the Voto branded phones are stock UMi refused to accept due to quality problems

      • Speedy

        Thankyou for info, Can i use umi x 2 roms posted on the bbs.umi forum?
        or ill just have to go to Umi India to get em switched with the “UMI X2”?

  • wai7758

    I think Jiayu is the best phone in China,please think the phone first!

  • huawei……………….

  • jasneskis

    I voted Zeppo because they make a big phone, Jiayu does not. I am beginning to lean towards big phones and eliminate carrying a tablet. I have a Jiayu which I like, but I want a bigger screen.

  • ZHI


  • ZET

  • zen

    zte u985 Android 4.2?

  • chuanhui liu

    Zte u956!

  • niubi

  • jia1991


  • 黑眼圈


  • xamdcq

    I think you should join lenovo

  • Loft

    ZTE Grand Era V985

  • xch7758


  • MrZhangC


  • MrChenVikeng

    ZTE U956. Thinks.

  • Jim

    ZTE u795 nothing is more cost-effective than this! Since the choice of the MTK, it and ordinary mobile phone like!

  • Zoe

    ZTE Grand Era U985 thankyou

  • ZTE-V889M谢谢了。

  • xuxiangxiong

    why not lenovo?

  • ZZX_2S

    ZTE U985 Thanks. (ZTE中兴 Grand Era U985) is a TD-scdma phone. TD is a 3G in china.

  • Klutz


  • yangkanggui

    ZTE U956 Thank you

  • stycliu


  • zhuopu c7

    zhuopu c7/c2

  • jyong

    zopoC2 is good

  • Chen

    Lenovo a820!!!!!

  • 办证

    ZTE U956,thx。 谢谢您咧