Update: Probably an LG G2 – Oppo N1 shows in up Marques Brownlee video!?

UPDATE: We have been informed that the phone is an LG G2, but take a look and see what you think, plus the video is worth watching too!

Marques Brownlee has taken to YouTube once again in another great video, which seems to feature the still unreleased Oppo N1.

In the video Marques discusses the latest exciting news about Cyanogenmod, some of the great features and discusses the possibilities the crew have when they finally announced who their hardware partner is.

Some on us believe that Oppo will be teaming up with Cyanogenmod, as they have been by far one of the most supportive phone makers to the dev scene over the past year.

Also there is the point that a device which looks a lot like the Oppo N1 shows up in the video at around 7:14. Check it out below:

Marques Brownlee Cyanogenmod video

It’s an exciting time with the N1 launch just a few days away and Cyanogenmod creating their own company. I personally can’t wait for a possible collaboration.

Thanks to Josef for the tip!

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