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Armor X10

Mobiles are produced to serve various people in different aspects and also for different ages. With the development of science and economy, smartphones are becoming …

With the development of economy and technology, everyday life is just becoming easier and. And our smartphones can certainly deliver tons of useful features for …

Tab 8

Since the day of  Tab 8’s official launch, Blackview has sold about 700,000 pieces of this new model. Indicating, that  the tablet is in the …


2021 sees TECNO is venturing into new heights by announcing its newest flagship smartphone, PHANTOM X. Debuting on July 1st 2021, PHANTOM X features an …

Blackview A100

There are plenty of flash moments that are too fast to be captured. For example, when you snap a picture of a dancer, then his …

Elephone U Pro

Elephone U Pro is without a doubt the best phone model ever released from this chinese brand, but it can offer some extra features aside …

With the New Year fast approaching we look at a few things that we all are guilty of doing/not doing and what we can change in 2018.

Meiigoo Note8

Controlling a mobile phone is a pretty advanced thing these days, designed mainly for octupus-like creatures and coming with a manual sized as a phone …

We already know that the upcoming Oukitel U16 Max will be the first device from the chinese company featuring big 6-inch JDI display. But it’s …

Elephone S7 functions

Elephone show us all the possible functions available on the E-touch home button. Did you already know about all of them?

xiaomi mi band 3

Update: This post was updated at 6:25pm GMT on 16th January 2017. Xiaomi Mi Band 1 was great device, with low price and basic features. …

meizu nfc tags

Meizu will launch a pack of preset NFC tags this week which will go on sale 8th May with preset options to make life a little easier.

Today Oneplus announced a new centralised OnePlus Account system which will merge all current and future OnePlus services in to one easy to manage account.

iocean g7 review

iOcean officially launched their large screen Android phablet this month, here we take a look at the top 5 features of the iOcean G7!

nubia x6

The Nubia X6 will be launched later this month, here are a few of the interesting features it will boast.

With Mediatek’s 4G LTE processor still months away, Qualcomm are closing the gap as more domestic phone makers move over to Snapdragon processors.

carpad smartwatch

Phone maker Carpad have branched off in to the smartwatch and wearables market with this true smart Android watch costing just $65.

smartnote x1

Smartnote took to the popular 798 Art district of Bejing today to release their Vivo X3S rival, the 888 Yuan Smartnote X1.

In an ongoing discussion over on Reddit, Oneplus team members are taking questions about their company and revealing details of the OnePlus One specification.