Xiao U Knock off Xiaomi phones

Xiao U Knock off Xiaomi phones


Xiaomi clones are common here in China, but not brand is quite as bold as Xiao U, who have produced a low cost Mi2S clone.

Xiaomi (small rice) have become so successful that not only rival phone makers are out to get them, but Shenzhen based clone makers are taking a go too.

Spotted in Shenzhen was the Xiao U store, which is currently promoting it’s latest Android smartphone and clone of the Mi2S.

As usual this clone isn’t up to the same specs as the real Xiaomi and phone offers a 5 mega-pixel rear camera, 1700mAh battery and 1.2Ghz MT6589 processor, however you do get dual SIM support. They obviously don’t want to much attention either as they didn’t allow me to photograph the real phone or the inside of the store.

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  • RavenEffect

    Holy C….Chinese Copying Chinese. The Inception of the cell phone history

  • kleautzak

    price???? where to buy?

  • Harald

    I didn’t know that Xiaomi means small rice. So if hongmi means red rice, mi must mean rice.

    • Flocautank

      Mi doesn’t mean rice, 米饭 (Mǐfàn) means rice. (or just 饭 (fàn) )

      And there is also a joke with Xiaomi, even during the conference, to be a “mi fan”.

    • Darren

      It means uncooked rice.
      xiao means little. So the whole thing means Little Uncooked Rice…
      It is cute in Chinese…. not so much if translated

  • Simon

    I seen Xiaomi referred to as Millet, which might mean a grain of rice.

    • Louisclub

      i confirm. Xiao = small. Mi = grain of rice. While in english we have a word for Millet, in chinese they use ‘small rice’ so Xiaomi. technically there is no way of knowing if the person want to say small rice or millet because its the same words.

      source im in china and eat Xiaomi(the grain) every other week.