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Some highly anticipated flagship releases are scheduled to take place this month, which include OPPO’s Find 7, HTC’s ‘all new’ One and maybe even the OnePlus One.

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top 140 quad-core mt6582

Listed here are 140 of the top quad-core MT6582 dual sim phones on the market today!

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Zopo have are asking customers about their dealings with a reseller based in India and are recommending extreme caution when dealing with the store.

Of all the phone brands I find Oppo one of the most tricky to read, as they are one of the more innovative and risk taking brands out there, however let’s give the Oppo Find 7 specifications a try.

Cyanogenmod is now a company! The team have funding and they will be working with a hardware maker which will run their excellent ROM! So if you had a choice of Chinese phone maker who would you like to see work with them?

As usual Chinese tech news has been hurtling along at break neck speed this week! Here are the top 5 stories you shouldn’t miss!

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In their infinite wisdom Oppo have leaked enough details for most fans to decide if they would by the Oppo N1 or not. So, knowing what you do would you buy the N1 or is it just too big?

I’m not a fan of long headlines but I could find away to make this as sarcastic sounding as I wanted in any fewer words! So yeah, UMi India have thousands of unhappy customers and they are promising to deliver one phone….

We’re sure you are well aware that keeping up with the latest Chinese phone releases is pretty difficult, and comparing phones even more so, so …

I’m in a conundrum and would like the assistance of the excellent Gizchina audience to help me out. Which Chinese phone would you buy? Im …

Since Apple launched the iPad 3 with Retina display other tablet brands have been working hard to launch retina tablets of their own. While Chinese …

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The dual-core and much-anticipated JiaYu G3 MT6577 Android phone may have been delayed (again) until the 1st October, but that hasn’t stopped the JiaYu team …

Just bought yourself a new Chinese phone running a version of the fantastic Google Android OS and want to import your contacts? Well follow these …

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Yeah! It’s iPhone 5 (or is it New iPhone?) speculation time! Here are 5 features we know the new iPhone 5 is sure to have!

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So Google have released their own competitor to DropBox and it’s called Google Drive, however if you have tried to access the new service you …

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Rumor and guesstimation have determined that Apple may release an iPad mini next week at their March 7th iPad event, but we’re not too convinced!

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I received a message of my good friend Ash the other day, and instead of telling me about his bowel movement he informed me that …

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We report on a lot of Android devices here on Gizchina, and a large number of those are Android tablets which you want to buy! …

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Have an Android device and don’t know how to download or install Android software? Then follow our simple 8 step guide here! How to Install …

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There are literally hundred of low cost Android tablets on the market today, however many of the budget options heading out of China often arrive …

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