Are you one of UMi India’s unhappy UMi X2 customers? Then good news they have promised to deliver ONE UMi X2 today! Oh, wait! Only one?!

I’m not a fan of long headlines but I could find away to make this as sarcastic sounding as I wanted in any fewer words! So yeah, UMi India have thousands of unhappy customers and they are promising to deliver one phone….

In case you haven’t been following the news or you have managed to miss the thousands of unhappy Facebook posts, but basically UMi India, or to be precise Android Guruz the distributor for Umi in India have a few thousand angry customers who are either demanding their money back or contemplating legal action.

We don’t know who is to the blame as we know first hand how difficult UMi China are to speak to, and getting anything confirmed is as possible as having an engaging conversation with Siri. However, we can’t help think they could have gone about things a little better!

umi mobile dumb
Calling your customers “dumb” ouch!

Anyway back to today’s story! After weeks of waiting for their UMi X2 phones to be delivered and being fed numerous excuses Android Guruz finally announced some great news on their Facebook page! They will deliver a single UMi X2 to one customer today, and to sweeten the deal they’ll post pictures of the delivery! (Link)

Announcing you will send out just one phone when you have a mountain of complaints stacking up against you seems like an odd move to us! We’re not sure how UMi fans in India are taking the news, but we hope to hear their views in the comments section below.

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