Are you one of UMi India’s unhappy UMi X2 customers? Then good news they have promised to deliver ONE UMi X2 today! Oh, wait! Only one?!

I’m not a fan of long headlines but I could find away to make this as sarcastic sounding as I wanted in any fewer words! So yeah, UMi India have thousands of unhappy customers and they are promising to deliver one phone….

In case you haven’t been following the news or you have managed to miss the thousands of unhappy Facebook posts, but basically UMi India, or to be precise Android Guruz the distributor for Umi in India have a few thousand angry customers who are either demanding their money back or contemplating legal action.

We don’t know who is to the blame as we know first hand how difficult UMi China are to speak to, and getting anything confirmed is as possible as having an engaging conversation with Siri. However, we can’t help think they could have gone about things a little better!

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umi mobile dumb
Calling your customers “dumb” ouch!

Anyway back to today’s story! After weeks of waiting for their UMi X2 phones to be delivered and being fed numerous excuses Android Guruz finally announced some great news on their Facebook page! They will deliver a single UMi X2 to one customer today, and to sweeten the deal they’ll post pictures of the delivery! (Link)

Announcing you will send out just one phone when you have a mountain of complaints stacking up against you seems like an odd move to us! We’re not sure how UMi fans in India are taking the news, but we hope to hear their views in the comments section below.

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  1. thenextstar
    May 30, 2013

    Its really a shame that they have gone down to such cheap buisness tactics. I really dont know why cant they act professionally and update customers regarding problems and issues they face. Posting fake status and pictures only makes it worse.
    To top that many have paid full amount in March itself (i didnt) and await delievery..

    As soon as some Indian brand comes out with a similar spec’d phone UMI will vanish.. And it aint far i see as yesterday Wickedleaks launched Wammy Passion Z which is a rebranded Iocean X7.. maybe advanced to follow suit in June.

    • May 30, 2013

      Yup, I got that press release too. Looks like an awesome phone.

  2. May 30, 2013

    Ha ha talking to Siri!! looking back at mail I got from UMI China could not but agree more here-

    You will be flooded with comments Andi!! For sure..

  3. Arshad
    May 30, 2013

    I have been paid full and silently watching there all activities as they are promising false commitments and they have promised that the prebook customers will get the updated version which is 1.5 MT6589T turbo version without delay and without any extra amount but now they have missed there promise and telling that they’ll provide non turbo version which is already available with Indian brands like Micromax

  4. May 30, 2013

    and check out the iOcean X7 Andi!! What surprises me is the 2500mAH Battery.. rest its a clear copy!! Looks like Androidguruz will be late here too.. Only Zopo, Gionee, Huawei, and Zte seem to have settled amongst all chinese phones..

  5. Shiva
    May 30, 2013

    So frustrating experience with umi, i have booked since 8th march and waiting since then,their cc no. is just an automated message which say we will contact you later,people applied for refund are also begging for their money.everyone is fed up with false promises by umi india,many have lodged complaints in consumer forum and next week most of are going to lodge a fraud case

    • Sitha Raman
      August 19, 2013

      Even I would like to file a fraud case against UMI India. I am from Bangalore. Kindly give your contact details, so that I can join you guys.

  6. It was a comedy play by UMI, whether its China or India. I dont mind.
    But this comedy has to end before it turns into tragedy.

  7. May 30, 2013

    However proficient UMI might be technically, they really need to learn business etiquette-very very badly. I M sure there must be GURUS in China to teach that–and UMI needs to hire one urgently !!!

  8. May 30, 2013

    Am also a full paid customer of UMI India and am happy to see things are progressing albeit slowly, but it will pick up pace. I have opted to wait for the 6589T 1.5GHz version. Andi, just a request, if you can keep us posted about the UMI X2 1.5GHz, we’ll be much obiliged as you see, UMI is promising deliveries by 15th June, by which time 1.5GHz should also have been produced with better camera, etc.. so why take delivery of 1.2GHz. Am I correct?

    • aquaguy
      May 30, 2013

      And who has confirmed to you that they will be providing you with the Turbo version. I have been following UMI India on FB with so many posts and also with mails seeking clarification for the Turbo version and they are not responding. They have not posted any details about the Turbo version and what they will do with the prebook customers like us..!!

      • May 30, 2013

        As per their facebook post:

        All Umi X2 booked and prebooked and paid full will receive 1.2 Ghz MT6589.

        MT6589T has been in production shortage by Mediatek and update of 1.5 GHz is still under process. ( software glitches are there…..hence we do not wish to launch in month of May !!)

        Umi X2 Turbo edition in June month ( glitch free), no price difference !!!

        I from my side have opted to wait. informed them over email. but to be honest haven’t received any further communication from them.

        • aquaguy
          May 30, 2013

          I have also emailed them with my choice and have posted it on the FB as well and asked them to confirm it. I am still waiting for the reply and they are silent about it. So I am not sure about it anymore. I have now clearly written to them to clarify their stand on the Turbo version for prebooked customer of UMI X2 so that I can decide whether I buy from them or another chinese reseller. I haven’t got any confirmation as of yet about it.

  9. XrainX
    May 30, 2013

    Oh man, if UMI could made a multimillion SIM smartphone they could deliver only one piece of UMI X2 to be used by all indian buyers. Every one inserting their SIM card in the same phone.

  10. SONIA
    May 30, 2013

    andi i just cancelled my order after reading your mind blowing review of jyavu g4 i think in four months from now every phonw eill have 2gb of ram and turbo or next mediatek processor keep coming andi we love you

  11. shiva sharma
    May 30, 2013

    Andi,even team umi replied to my comment that can you come to our office and pickup ur umi x2 ,i said yes sure i am in delhi just tell me the address and time,till then no reply from their side

    • UMI Address
      May 30, 2013

      201, 2ND FLOOR, Address 2 : DEVIKA TOWER, NEHRU PLACE, City : DELHI,State : Delhi

  12. Ashfaq junani
    May 30, 2013

    I am also a customer of Umi who has fully paid 14000 rs. I am bit hope ful to see atleast delivery starting. I agree that delivering one piece is like a joke but, I still can wait till 15th june, if even then I don’t get any shipment or delivery confirmation of my phone, then I have to think about refund. And if they dont refund in timely manner then credit card charge back is another option.

  13. Indraneel
    May 30, 2013

    There should be stringent legal action against UMI. Besides the customers should stop buying such products and boycott companies that believe in such practice

    • krishna
      May 30, 2013


  14. ChinaWizKid
    May 30, 2013

    Indian customers passion, patience and tolerance level is too high, as they have not taken any action against false promises. Local native Chinese customers had started giving bad words, those who read their forum regularly, knows about it. But no business empire can ever survive like this false promises in global competitive world. While Indians know to respect and tolerate, there is limit, and now they have exposed even the UMI India Directors Residential Address, for which UMI China is responsible. Great product, gr8 pricing, but mockery of life…..But for sure, once this is established, ppl may forget and UMI will create the Benchmark for other to set the price for innovative products.

  15. kukies
    May 30, 2013

    the umi executive are saying that either wait fill 20 june to get the mobile or take a refund. earlier they had posted the customers will get the turbo version for free and then they denied and said we will get getting1.2 ghz processor . but now even in june the customers will not be getting the turbo version and after looking at all the previous post of umi india on the facebook not even one promise was fulfilled in time. now they has taken an arrogant stand either wait or take a refund we dont need u. the customer really feel anguished after waiting and supporting them we get this attitude. really dont know if umi china is following the post and if yes then what r they doing and if no then y not take some action. or do something for the customer instead of showing one phone to make us happy you should have shipped atleast 1000 handsets and dont blame the pit falls on other companies. like u did in one of ur post

  16. mohan
    May 30, 2013

    Dear Andy
    We r waiting for full review of Umi x2. When u r going to review. Pls reply

    • May 30, 2013

      It’s coming 🙂

  17. Diego Guzman
    May 30, 2013

    Andy, what happens to those who are in china? buy the May 17 and have not received any cominucacion by UMI! not answer the phone or emails! we do in this case?
    I belive in you and your page …

    I hope some answer yours!

    • May 30, 2013

      So you are in China and you bought the phone from UMi? If this is the case I suggest you contact UMi and ask them what they are playing at.

      • Diego Guzman
        May 30, 2013

        how I can contact them, because they do not answer my emails, do not answer my calls.
        please help me.

        • May 30, 2013

          Are you contacting UMi China or India?

          • Diego Guzman
            May 30, 2013
            • May 30, 2013

              Just got your email and will reply to that. Cheers 🙂

  18. UMI Issues
    May 30, 2013

    UMI X2 issues with WIFI, SD Card, and Black Screen. -

    • Diego Guzman
      May 30, 2013

      many have believed in gizchina and we are starting to lose faith

  19. UMI Issues
    May 30, 2013

    Extract from UMI Forum – Beginning of the project is facing a lot of pressure, we need to spend more money and effort and brands manufacturers snatching market high-end hardware this on scarce materials, 5-inch high-definition screen, 13 million pixel camera, 2GB RAM are required to take expensive Roasting to, and the rich will be able to solve most of the time the material is not the bottleneck.

    The situation is still grim, at least two months 2G RAM and MT6589 turbo and other materials must be high in order to get roasted, the same basic configuration models do not exist in large numbers are the distribution conditions. And we already have more than enough reserves to an adequate supply will not stop. I know that some manufacturers are jealous quality rice, and some even hesitate to denigrate dark, navy launched ……

    Now there are a lot of high quality rice X2 urgent problems, such as service quality improvement, customer service teams are currently overloaded. As well as high quality rice production version currently shipped X2 pressure remains high, although the quality and quantity guaranteed delivery is completed within the week, but we also need to do more to enhance efficiency.

    Bottom line is that, unaware Indians are getting 1.2 Ghz 6589 model (while the chinese customers have received at same price the 1.5 Ghz 6589Turbo model). New batch of production would have more optimization and problem found in first lot of production would be taken care in subsequent batches, so, what Unaware Indian will get a big Issue. Only time wll tell, who were wisers, those who opted for refund after waiting for 2-3 months, or those who kept blind faith in UMI.

  20. UMI Issues
    May 30, 2013

    Source of extract given in above (previous post ) were taken from –

  21. Ashok
    May 30, 2013

    UMI has been misleading people from the beginning. This is going to have severe dent on other Chinese mobiles companies entering India. Already Chinese mobiles are branded as unreliable. This is going create further dent.

    May 30, 2013

    i never seen such a worst company with such a poor customer service..they started booking before 3 month and customer still waiting for product .They never complete a single promise they had made to the customers. is this right policy for a new company in such a country like india where people already knows about quality of Chinese products. i am also victim of this company i booked before 3 month and still waiting. UMI never reply to a mail about anything.such type of behavior by a company is not acceptable by customer because there are lots of companies given same configuration.

  23. top1
    May 31, 2013

    My Umi X2 1,2ghz 2GB ram 32GB rom is shipped via EMS since 25.05 (china to germany) the tracking is stucked for a while,
    and I know I’ll get a lot of trouble with customs (because its shipped with EMS and this envolves another bad company in
    germany which is handling the custom/taxes and charges extra 25€ for handling on top the taxex – but thats another story…)
    But the feeling of YEAH my UMI X2 is coming, has gone for a while… All the reviews I saw so far are REALY scaring me…
    And seriously what quality of phone can you expect from THAT KIND of company… If I receive a phone as buggy or faulty as
    I expect it I really hope I’ll be able to send it back and get my money back… Oh lord… so much trouble I already had in
    the progress of ORDERING this phone….

    but the day I receive it Ill make a big review on my channel !

  24. fraz
    June 2, 2013

    The android gurus have no experience in this field… they should have known that Chinese manufacturer claim big right after Samsung or apple release their phon to stay in market and they linger release of the actual phone… this is a marketing gimmick . Android gurus promised on that term and now it has to wait.. that’s the main problem. …..