Must read: Top 15 Chinese tech stories this week

As usual Chinese tech news has been hurtling along at break neck speed this week! Here are the top 5 stories you shouldn’t miss!

Oppo N1 leaks and pricing

Insiders at Oppo are reported to have been talking to reporters about the Oppo N1, its specifications and pricing!

New Apple iPhone Vs Chinese Android phones

iphone 5s vs chinese android phones hero

The most recent iPhone launches from Apple aren’t the most exciting in the world, especially when the designs were already leaked and each phone is seen as a small upgrade! How does the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S compare to Chinese Android phones, plus a clone too!

China gets a truck load of new smart TVs

letv x60 android smart tv

Android smart Tv’s are the latest hot item to own in China and there are plenty to choose from regardless of your requirements and budget!

All the latest Xiaomi news!

hugo barra xiaomi

Xiaomi are hitting the headlines more often than any Chinese manufacturer this year, which is understandable with news stories such as:

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Those are our top news picks for this week, but what about yours? Let us know if we missed anything in the comments section below!

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