Video: Xiaomi Mi3 and Xiaomi TV event with English subtitles

Watch the full Xiaomi Mi3 and Xiaomi smart TV launch 2013 launch with English subtitle here.

Xiaomi fever doesn’t appear to be going anywhere! The Beijing based company have the awesome Mi3 and smart TV poised to go on sale in China next month, and are looking to launch internationally soon.

For those of you who haven’t already seen this, or who would like to watch it again, here is the full Xiaomi 2013 launch event which was recorded live in Beijing. The video includes a speech by Hugo Barra and CEO of Nvidia, you will also get to see Lei Jun launch the exciting new products and enjoy the crowd’s reactions (you might even hear me!).

Best of all English subtitle have been added so that non-Chinese speakers can enjoy the show too!

Watch the Xiaomio Mi3 and Xiaomi TV launch with English subtitles

What do you think of the Xiaomi launch? Will you be buying a Xiaomi3?

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