Xiaomi Mi3 HD intro video intro with English (Miphone 3)

The Xiaomi Mi3 has captured the attention of smartphone users both at home and abroad, even to the extent that one international Xiaomi fan has taken the time to add English translation to the Mi3 intro video.

Xiaomi launched the Xiaomi Mi3 (MiPhone 3) in China just a few weeks ago. The phone isn’t yet available to buy, but fans across the world are excited about this feature packed, low-cost Android phone. One international Xiaomi fan want’s to try and help spread the word about the new phone so took the time to add English translations to the HD Mi3 introduction video.

Watch the Xiaomi Mi3 intro video with English

Currently Xiaomi are only interested in marketing the Mi3 and other products such as the Xiaomi TV and Xiaomi box here in China, however they have created a few images on their Facebook page which included specifications in English and pricing in US $.

xiaomi tv usd

This and the fact that Hugo Barra is now on board is enough for us to assume Xiaomi will eventually become an international brand!

Are you excited about the prospect of Xiaomi going international? Do you think they will be able to compete with the likes of Apple and Samsung abroad?


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