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The Pocophone F1 may be one of the best budget devices available, but it can’t stream Netflix in HD. Thankfuly, Xiaomi are finally rectifying the issue.

The OnePlus 6T is among the highly-anticipated smartphones that are set to be released in October. The handset is about to follow OnePlus launch agenda …

Today we have two really cool products that you guys might be interested in and they both come with some sweet discounts so that you …

NX02 Smartwatch

Today we have two really interesting deals coming straight from Ebay. The first is on the NX02 sports smartwatch, meanwhile the second one is on …

YOUDAO Translation Egg

Are you a low budget music enthusiast who’s looking for a cheap to listen to music on the go? Then here you can get up …

Meiigoo S8

Despite being a rising phone brand from China, Meigoo has brought some quite nice devices already. Targeting the global mobile market, today Meiigoo also announces …

Meiigoo Note8

As pretty much always, when Apple pushes out a “new” technology, everybody else follows; the latest example of which, is Face ID on the iPhone …

meiigoo S8

Are you looking for a really affordable Samsung S8 “inspired” device? Then you might want to check out the Meiigoo S8, a big 6.1-inch phone …

bluboo xfire 2 fingerprint

Along with being a tri-sim phone, the $69.99 Bluboo Xfire 2 also aims to be the world’s most affordable smartphone with rear fingerprint scanner.

Yu Yutopia

Yu’s Yutopia (aka the ‘world’s most powerful phone’ according to company CEO) just went official with impressive specs.

blackview bv5000 rugged phone

Rugged phones remain to be a niche product, but one that Chinese phone makers are eager to conquer. The newest of the breed so far is the Blackview BV5000.

cubot s308 hero

Cubot’s latest entry-level phone has a great price tag, HD display and 2GB RAM!

Looking for a phone with a swivel camera, but don’t want to spend too much? The iNew V8 does the same, but at a fraction of the cost. Read more in the iNew V8 review!

We thoroughly tested the Oplus XonPhone 5 for a while, and here is what we think of the device!

After launching the Mi3 in India today, Xiaomi went on to reduce the price of the Xiaomi Mi2S in China.

inew v8 oppo n1 lte

It is with mixed emotions we type the news of the iNew V8. We are of course excited about the first Mediatek powered 4G LTE phones, but underwhelmed it will end up in a clone of the Oppo N1.

goophone s5

GooPhone launch the GooPhone S5, an quad-core Galaxy S5 clone running Android 4.4 for $149.99!

meitu 2

Chinese phone makers like Meitu have been producing phones soley for the purpose of filling a very specific niche in the market. The Meitu 2 is the companies second ‘selfie’- centric device, with updated specifications and features.

doogee dagger dg550

Chinese phone maker Doogee have launched an octacore phone with 5.5-inch (1280 x 720) display for just $166.66! Keep reading for full details of the Doogee Dagger DG550!