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All the latest iNew smartphone news.

iphone 8 plus explodes

While Apple has promised fixing the crackling noise issue while making calls which were reported by some users of the flagship iPhone 8 through a …

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iNew Pandora R9

iNew released some more info about the upcoming iNew Pandora R9, the smartphones for selfie-lovers. Let’s check them out!

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Seems like iNew are about to release and new smart wearable device at the end of September named simply P1. The gadget should be a …

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Smartwatches are quite a uniform breed lately and you can easily tell right away what you can expect from the gadget function-wise. Sure they differ …

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iNew Pandora R9

The upcoming iNew Pandora R9 seems to be one for the selfie lovers… or the teaser image seems to suggest so.

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INew phones are well known for our readers and the company has been active on the market since 2007 so it’s hardly a newcomer. Some …

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In a galaxy far far away few smart iNew engineers decided to create yet another new phone for their growing portfolio. But never put your …

iNew managed to extend their portfolio with first new smart wearable piece and the smartwatch named H-one look definitely interesting. We heard about it for …

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iNew U8W

Two years ago the iNew brand managed to produce one of the most popular phones in the budget sector with the iNew V3 and later …

Chinese manufacturer iNew is usually oriented in making the budget devices with according parametres, so we can’t expect anything else from their newest mode iNew …

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In the past months the iNew brand kind of vanished from the spotlight, but seems like they are back in action. The announced new model …

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iNew are back with the budget max, i.e., the iNew U9. It has a 6-inch HD display, a 3000mAh battery and a price tag of under $100!

The very budget phone, the iNew U3 is now on sale for an asking price of $64.99. It even includes an IR blaster!

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The new iNew U3W is an entry-level smartphone powered by the MediaTek MT6580. Keep reading for the full specifications of the phone!

First real hands-on photos of the brand new iNew U5W, a budget phone from the makers of the popular V3.

The new iNew U5W builds upon the already existing U5 with an even more cost-effective solution, the MediaTek MT6580.

The new iNew L3 is an attempt from the Chinese maker to win back the share of the market that it has lost in the past few months.

War of the budget octa-cores! Check out how the iNew V3 Plus stacks up against the Mlais M9 in this comparison overview.

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This isn’t necessary a list of the best phones of 2014 (although some of them are), but a list of the most surprising phones we have seen in the past 12 months!

inew l1

iNew will be starting the new year with another mid-range smartphone with slim body and high specs.

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