iNew L1 will get LTE, slim body and larger battery

inew l1

iNew will be starting the new year with another mid-range smartphone with slim body and high specs.

At the start of this year iNew kicked off the year with the release of the iNew V3. The phone quickly became a popular device thanks to a good price, nice design and high specification. For the start of 2015 iNew hope to relive their great start and will launch another slim phone with good-looking hardware.

The iNew L1 looks similar to the V3 and has a 6.3mm body, with a slightly larger 5.3-inch display plus added LTE support. Pricing of the phone should be really quite affordable as the L1 will use a quad-core MT6582 chipset, the same as the original V3, 720p display and 13 mega-pixel camera.

Although the chipset is a little disappointing the addition of LTE, plus the use of 2GB RAM and Gorilla Glass on the display are great features, but by far the best update of all is a new 2500mAh battery.

Rumoured pricing for the overseas market is just $180, however we feel that this is a little much considering some of the new 64bit phones will cost around the same. Is the iNew L1 worth the money or should iNew update to a newer SoC?

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