MT6591 6-core iNew V8 confirmed to get 4G LTE (also happens to be an Oppo N1 clone)

inew v8 oppo n1 lte

It is with mixed emotions we type the news of the iNew V8. We are of course excited about the first Mediatek powered 4G LTE phones, but underwhelmed it will end up in a clone of the Oppo N1.

iNew kicked off the new year with the launch of the iNew V3, a phone which became immensely popular around the world. Since then we have seen a few more new releases, but the iNew V8 is easily the most interesting for some time.

The first thing you will obviously notice is that the iNew V8 just so happens to be a clone of the Oppo N1, complete with rotating camera and rear touch panel, but on closer inspection there are some great highlights.

First of all the processor is a hexa-core MT6591 unit (6-core) from Mediatek which brings 4G LTE data connection to the phone, but also the flexibility of dual SIM support. 2GB RAM means the iNew V8 will be quite the performer, which a 5.5-inch HD display means you should have ample room to show off photos taken with the 13 mega-pixel rotation camera. OGS, NFC, 2400mAh removable battery and Android 4.4 Kitkat are all included too.

So the iNew V8 features similar specs to the newly launch Oppo N1 Mini, but at s a size closer to the full size N1, it is just a shame the designer of the iNew V3 had to go down the clone route.

What do you think of the iNew V8?

[ Source Via CMM ]
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