Cubot S308 goes on sale for $130.99 with 2GB RAM and HD display

cubot s308 hero

Cubot’s latest entry-level phone has a great price tag, HD display and 2GB RAM!

With component prices steadily dropping it appears that we might finally be seeing the end of phones with 1GB RAM or less. Not only that though but it looks like lower than HD resolution displays might be going the way of the dinosaur too.

Why do we say this? Well the Cubot S308 is the reason. This Android smartphone checks all the right boxes including 2GB RAM and 5-inch 720p display, and costs only $130.99! What’s more the camera specs are not bad too with an 8 mega-pixel up front and 13 MP on the rear, but we believe that the actual sensors are 5MP and 8MP, still not bad at this price.

A quad-core MT6582 is actually more than pokey enough for a low-cost phone, and even the lack of LTE doesn’t worries us at this price/

The Cubot S308 is available to order for this price until 14th November on

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