Xiaomi Mi3 Everything you need to know!

Xiaomi Mi3 Everything you need to know!


The Xiaomi launch event is over now, and due to internet problems we haven’t been able to post at the speed we hoped. We’re back now though with everything you need to know about the Xiaomi Mi3.

At today’s launch here in Beijing Xiaomi Co-founder and CEO Lei Jun took to the stage and announced the Xiaomi Mi3 Android smartphone and the 47-inch Xiaomi TV, sorry guys there was no Xiaomi Tablet, Xiaomi laptop, Xiaomi games console or Red Rice WCDMA announced.

xiaomi mi3 hands on

So what can we tell you about the Xiaomi Mi3 flagship phone?

Xiaomi Mi3 Design

The tipsters, insiders and sketchers got it right! The Xiaomi Mi3 does have a kind of Nokia Lumia look to it. It’s a design I secretly hoped for and I have not been disappointed when the final design flashed up on screen or I finally got the phone in hand!

xiaomi mi3 dimensions

The body of the Mi3 is alloy and measure in at 144 x 73.6 x 8.1mm. A large 3050mAh battery is sealed in to the stylish body (it is not user removable) and the SIM card fits inside a tray in the top of the device.

xiaomi mi3 colours

Multiple colours will be available and there is also an iPad style Smart Cover available for the phone to which protects the front and rear and also acts as a stand while watching movies.

5-inch 1080 display

The screen size and resolution didn’t come as a surprise either, and measures in at 5-inch with a FHD resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a pixel density of 441ppi.

xiaomi mi3 screen

No mention of if Xiaomi have decided to use Gorilla Glass or similar, however the OGS panel will still function accurately with wet hands or while wearing gloves. This isn’t to say the phone is waterproof, but if you happen to have wet hands or it is raining you can use the phone.

xiaomi mi3 wet hands

After having some hands on time with the Mi3 I can tell you the screen is a bright and crisp as any other 1080 phone, but no more so.


xiaomi mi3 tegra 4 snapdragon 800

We had heard that Xiaomi would use either a Tegra 4 processor or Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, what we didn’t expect though was for 2 versions of the Mi3 with choices of both!

International Xiaomi Fans will only be interested in the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 unit which works with China Unicom here, and will support most international bands. The Tegra 4 version of the phone will only be of use to Chinese customers who use China Mobile’s own brand of 3G.

xiaomi mi3

Interestingly Lei Jun mentioned that the Mi3 uses the most powerful version of the Snapdragon 800 CPU (8974AB), and even mentioned that the processor Xiaomi has chosen is faster the the S800 Samsung will have announced they will use.

xiaomi mi3 antutu

To show us how powerful Antutu scores of both Mi3 models were shown showing that the Tegra 4 model is the most powerful with a score of 36,582 while the S800 model get’s 36,026.

The Qualcomm version will run a 2.3Ghz processor with Adreno 330 graphics.

xiaomi mi3 ram and memoy

Both phones have 2GB DDR3 RAM and use faster 120mps memory for storage.


xiaomi mi3 rear camera

The rear camera on the Mi3 is a 13 mega-pixel sensor from the Sony stable with an Aperture of F2.2, 28mm wide angle lens. Images taken with the rear camera are really bright and crisp with tons of detail.

xiaomi mi3 front camera

The front camera isn’t as great as we had hoped and is just a 2 mega-pixel sensor , but it has a larger 30mm wide lens, F2.2 aperture and the camera app features a more tuned version of the current ‘Beauty function’ to enhance facial features.

Speaking of the camera app, it has been updated with more adjustments than before allowing you to tweak every setting to get the perfect shot.

Other features

xiaomi mi3 features

Other great features include the 3050mAh battery, Cirrus Logic and Dirac HD stereo sound, and a new immersion feature which changes the intensity of the phone vibration depending on what is shown on the screen (a great feature for games).

xiaomi mi3 wifi

Like the Xiaomi Mi2A the Wifi has been updated to the faster 5Ghz frequency as well as 2.4G.

xiaomi mi3 nfc

There is also built-in NFC, and enhanced GPS which will use the built in gyroscopic sensor to direct you if you loose GPS while heading in a tunnel.

xiaomi mi3 gps

USB OTG, Bluetooth 4.0, WIFI Direct, Mirracast and more are also included in the feature packed new phone.

Pricing and availability

xiaomi mi3 price

The base model of the Xiaomi Mi3 with 16GB of memory will go on sale for 1999 Yuan ($320) while the top of the range model with 64GB is 2499 Yuan ($408). Both versions will be on sale in China for those of us with F codes from mid October.

xiaomi mi3 price

There was no mention of an International release, but when Hugo Barra took to the stage he did say he planned spreading the word of MIUI and Xiaomi around the world, so it is likely still on the cards!

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  • J

    What external memory card?

  • Jason

    It’s mentioned on the official website that it has Corning/Gorilla Glass. Also, it’s nice that you can shoot RAW pictures, not sure if that matters much though, because of the small sensor size. I would have rather seen a brighter lens with F2.0.

  • SR

    LTE ?

  • Josef

    No sd card and no 32gb version, shame 🙁

  • Hesam

    only 16gb and 64 gb?not 32gb?!?
    Display protection?
    android version?
    sd card?

    • Tadas

      I saw video where a car was driven over a Mi3 and nothing happened to it.

  • ogami_ito

    How does it feel in the hand?

    • Very nice and surprisingly light for a big phone with large battery

      • Tadas

        Did you tried antutu yourself with MI3?

  • DINO

    looks like Xiomi packed a Gaming PC in 5 inch Mag Shell.

    • louisclub

      You will be able to run a gamecube emulator on that beast

  • gothikserpentt

    those thick bezels are just plain disgusting!!
    im very disapointed with the design plus no micro sd card slot
    ill get the htc one max or the oppo n1

  • sr

    Go with google chrome to xiaomi website….it should auto-translate it to english(why they don’t have english version on their site …that I cannot tell) I has gorilla glass , NO LTE and no ex.memory card , only versions available are 16 gb and 64 gb. For me that would have been the perfect device except that it has non-removable battery ….that is a VERY important factor in my decision. Sorry Xiaomi ……but apart from that…great phone for the price !

    • asif

      why is removable battery so important as a factor? 3000 mah should be enough

      • Vipre

        Because, in a nutshell, overtime the cells in the battery will not be able to hold a charge as long as when the battery was new. If it lasts you ~2 days with average use the first week you own the phone, a year later you may only get 18 hours or so out of it. By having the ability to change the battery out with a fresh one a year later, we still are able to hold a charge for ~2 days. The cost of a new battery? About $10-30. Cost of a new phone just because your battery won’t last but a few hours? You get the point. 🙂

    • iBoy

      So, you have gone to the “Millet” Phone website for looking at “millet” Devices

  • PeterP

    Seems to have everything apart from microSD/Dual sim.
    Design is pretty average though, in black looks not so premium like the plastic Sony Z, the silver (In actual fact its magnesium – perfect case like my old oakley sunnies) case photos on the website are better. Why the dayglo colours and no red.
    http://www.xiaomi.com/mi3 Select the 3rd tab, LOTS of info.
    Pretty interesting the keynote powerpoint is on the webpage! 168MB

    • PeterP

      Forgot, the frosted 30% brighter Philips flash design interesting (not my ideal) and RAW (extra bits) was a welcome addition. No optical zoom 🙁

      • I think with 13MP sensors you don’t need optical zoom. This is equivalent to saying that there’s a long time before displays with a 13MP resolution (4128 x 3096 pixels) will be commonplace.

        • This is for PeterP’s comment.

      • kairo

        The 3 buttons have light ?

  • atulm

    Andi, did any news of Mi2S price reduction in event.

    • Yes, 1799 Yuan for the 32GB model

  • Camaman

    The bomb I must say.
    Although I my self don’t have current use for all those nice features and speed so MTK phones for $200 sound like a better buy till next summer.

  • ved

    is it using IGZO display ??
    no memory card slot is a big disappointment though …
    screen size gr8 bt bezels are looking wider then others..

    what is with this F code here ?? smthing in those goodiebags tht u recieved ??

  • MixXx2005

    Hope this will cut down even more price of Mi2 , personaly 140mm is to much

  • ogami_ito

    Actually, as I look at the specs , I still hope that the 2s comes back on the market in China… I really don’t want a huge phone… if I did I would just get a Samsung S4 or the Xperia Z.

    • M2S 32GB is now only 1799 Yuan in China 😉

      • junior_poa

        Sell me one, please! ;p

        • MS

          I want to buy one, as well! 🙂

  • DavidM


    • KennyG

      HAHAHAHA..love it 🙂

  • PeterP

    Finally read the entire keynote… Are they selling a 3D TV (with zero border, magnesium case and snapdragon 600) for just 2999 yuan!!!

    Also, on page 211 of the pdf, what is the PHONE for 799 yuan??? Anyone good at reading chinese. Seems there is a 2S for 1799, but not 799… Red Rice but design different..?

    For sure have a look at page 211 of pdf.

    • The 799 yuan phone is the Hongmi (aka red rice) they actually gave everyone attending a free phone! TV is amazing and yes only 2999!

  • Rhino

    Great job Andi!

    • Greg

      Agreed, thanks for the coverage Andi. This was the first site I came to to read about it 🙂

      • Thanks I really appreciate it 🙂

    • Cheers mate 🙂

  • KU DE TA

    no memory card slot, no optical zoom, bezels are looking wider then others, no 32GB, etc… yes and it won’t make coffee either! Shame

  • Greg

    I like the look of it, apart from the width. If other manufacturers can get a 5″ screen in a body less than 70mm wide, I don’t see why this is so wide. It’s a pity 🙁

  • Harald

    So awesome, thanks for keeping us up to date. It looks really nice and sleek, even better than I expected. It’s on sale in October, but when will you really be able to hold it in your hands? December?

    • Already held it 😉 we should have one in the first batch

  • hoang vung

    Hi Andy. Will you change to Mi3? ^_^

    • yes 🙂

      • Allanitomwesh

        What do you think of waiting for Find 7 if you have a Find 5? MI3 now or Find 7 later?

      • ved

        yeah even i wanna know this , what u feel was so special abt xiaomi mi 3 that u wont think abt upgrading to a N1 or find 7 like allanitomwesh asked u …

        its just ur personal preference or do they really have a punch over other guys in the Chinese arena ??? specs & designs are competitive so wats making thm win ur heart ?/

        • Price, performance, updates specs and looks. I don’t think Oppo can beat Xiaomi on these details yet, but for developer support Oppo have the edge. For me it isn’t just the phone but the culture around it, Xiaomi are a fun and exciting brand, I don’t feel the same about Oppo (although they do make awesome phones). Oh and I don’t really want a 5.9-inch phablet.

          • liljohn

            in terms of design / the looks, oppo wins!

  • liljohn

    i dont mind with the absence of microsd slot, but the non-removable battery is a HUUUUUGE letdown…..the battery capacity is not too overly big, they shoud’ve made it a removable type, very important for overseas customers……and those fatty bezels, its gross……makes it look kinda cheap……but the specs and features and price wins it! 🙂

  • Jogo

    guys why are you worrying about? Xiaomi, i think, will compensate things by making MI3s for example, where some change and things can be improved like:
    giving it not 5” but rather 5’5 display, with sd-slot, removable battery, dual sim.. 🙂 and what’s more?

    • I don’t think the mi3s will get a bigger screen probably 128GB memory, maybe more ram, better front camera etc

      • liljohn

        they should make the screen wider so the bezel would be thinner and add bigger battery to compensate, a removable one…

        • Jogo

          yes that’s good point, Andi,… the display as, Liljohn said, can be improved by reducing the bezel and it will give it a feeling of wideness and spread-screen :)) a bit more than prolonged … well it is exiting to be a part of so fast growing company like Xiaomi! isnt it :))) that’s a true family feeling! love it!

          • jfc74

            i bought one xiaomi phone and send in philippines.but my sister cant open it.everytime se will on the phone always ask her to go to xiaomi account to unluck.but the problem is i forgot the password,pls help me what to do to open the network so that my sister can use the phone in philippines.thanks

      • NyanD

        so Andy is using the snapdragon version?How was the screen?Is it similar to the z ultra in term of graphic?

        • I have only tried the Tegra 4 model of the Mi3, my Mi2 is Snapdragon

  • Flavio Silva

    Wow, sounds awesome!
    Great specs and sweet price, i think 🙂

    Andy, do you have any news about MiUI? Recently, the VP from Adroid joined to Xiaomi team. Do you think that means MiUI walking side-by-side with the latest Android version?

    • Hugo Barra was here at the event 🙂 He spoke about wanting to make the world aware of MIUI but didn’t mention Xiaomi using the latest Android version. I believe that they have stuck with 4.2 for MIUI V5 on the MI3 but this is a heavily modified ROM, you won’t be missing much.

  • André Barbpsa


    Great news you brought today for us ;D

    One doubt, in what site do you guys recommend for international buyers for Xiaomi phones? Is there anyone with Mi2S new price?

    And since I am asking already, Which is better, MI2S or M2A, I ask because MI2A has NFC and 5Ghz wi-fi, and been an cheaper phone my is better?

    What is your opinion?

  • Gary

    How can one order this internationally

    • Xiaomi didn’t announce international launch today, you will have to wait for resellers to get them, but prices are going to be high

      • Gary

        Exactly let see how much it comes to.

        • liljohn


      • Nafy

        Anid, Shall i ask my friends to buy in china and bring it to India.?
        Would like to buy Mi3 model. Does it will come with International waranty? Please help me, how to get this phone in china? my friends are coming on End of October.

        • No international warranty

  • Scott Kenyon

    No supported radio bands yet?

  • Tadas

    THIS IS SIIIICK!!! way better than i expected! 36k with both of the chipsets. amazing Xiaomi!

  • Pedro

    I was very excited about this new Xiaomi, but it turns to be a big disappointment. The phone it’s too big, Meizu MX3 have a 5.1″ display and it’s smaller, the bezels are too much 2010 (really ugly), the battery it’s non-removable and there’s no microsd slot. Major downside is the body, it’s realy ugly, mainly because of that fat bezels.

    Apart from that, it’s a great phone. Two of the best processors, good battery (but again, non-removable), great other features and good price.

    If only Meizu MX3 came with the same prices…

  • kairo

    The body is square, its ugly..they should make it abit more rounded on 4 edges. Mi2 mi2s mi2a no SD card and mi3 no SD card…Samsung good with these, they target all customers..about dissapoint. The look not that issue coz once we chuck a case in its different but no SD card or removable battery SIGH

    • Doni Tayson

      to be honest I hate curves, i prefer the flat one. This design is good for me

  • sailorxo

    Isn’t China rolling out LTE? If Mi3 does not have LTE, can it be competitive? I’m not sure Oppo has LTE or not. Doesn’t HTC One have LTE for China? Hmmm.

    • Yes 4G is on the way but competing standards, no one is sure if we will have ‘real’ 4G or China Mobiles silly take on it

      • Airyl

        The reason of why there aren’t any LTE equipped Chinese phones yet- Solved.

  • peterth11

    hie andi.im a foreigner staying in china but soon i will travel out of china and come back. i would like to buy the new xiaomi mi3 when it comes out but i dont understand which version to buy. i currently use china mobile and i dont want to change but if i buy the china mobile TD-SCDMA version and i travel where most networks use CDMA or GSM network, will the phone work on those networks? and if i buy the WCDMA / CDMA2000 version which i know supports international networks, will it support my china mobile sim card with no problems?because on the xiaomi site china mobile is not listed under WCDMA / CDMA2000 version

    • The China Unicom Snapdragon 800 model is the one to get

  • Sereph

    I’d buy it in a heart beat if T-Mobile USA’s 3G bands were compatible.

  • relu

    I would like to know if this phone will be build just for chinese carriers?. Thank you!

    • Yes, but the Snapdragon version will work elsewhere in the world

  • after i look at it again, the design is similar to oppo find 5…but oppo find 5 has curvy bottom not a straight one…


  • Shane

    Hey, thanks for all the info.

    “those of us with F codes” What exactly does this mean? Also is there a way to pre-order it now or we must wait until mid October to hand over any money!?

    Living in China at the moment and would be interested in this. I was gonna go for the Mi2s but now I’m considering waiting!


    • An F code is a “Friend Code” you either get them by gaining loyalty points in the Xiaomi store, or you find a friend with a spare one. With an F code are able to buy the phone on the day it releases, if you don’t have one you can either wait a few months or head to the local phone city where you should be able to get one at a couple of 100 Yuan more than the real price.

      • Ippo

        So when it releases in China? October? Meaning, without Friend Code, you can find it in Xiaomi store in like November, December?

  • humph

    Is the screen of xiaomi mi 3 amoeled screen??

  • Etienne

    Hi thanks for the coverage! For someone living in China and not so good in Chinese your coverage is great. I need a new smart phone now and was looking forward to get mi3 but when one can one really buy one? I’ve seen October but it seems one has to be kind of registered. f-codes…I did not get that…how does it work?

  • phonehater

    This phone is almost perfect. If it only had stereo speakers placed where speakers should be – in front ( like HTC One ) and SD card slot. And the most important thing – if it was available to buy outside of China

  • Alireza

    Does it have English menu?

    • Pratik Shende

      Yaa dear…

  • Prateek Yadav

    I live in India, love this beastly phone. But the problem is I can only use the GSM network, is there a GSM variant of this phone?

  • ColorizedStudio

    Where can i get this phone?
    someone can send my please link to order?

  • M13

    It’s made in China. By a Chinese company. The profits all go to one guy while a bunch of slave labor builds the phones. I’d rather support Taiwan, Korea, Japan…..any other country. Thanks.

    • Airyl

      Your logic also goes for Samsung and Apple, mind you. Think before you talk.

      • lar

        LOL apple is made in china. why do you think they build it here and not in the U.S.? and havent you heard of nike sweatshops? they’re in China but the company is US owned (profits = U.S.; labor= China) . its all capitalism.

    • Jesus

      slave labour is awesome! Cheap goods for all!


    I am disappointed by it’s look. I would prefer it’s previous shape. Look below;


  • mohamed rebin

    please suggest me a trustable website to buy mi3 on next month itself….

  • D W


    I see three version of the Mi3, list in one of the slide
    WCDMA – China Unicom
    CDMA2000 – China Telecom
    TD-SCDMA – China Mobile

    My key question please, which model is compatible with T-Mobile USA? GSM 850/1900 network please, just phone or get 2G/3G/4G speed, I’m happy w/ just cell service, if data doesn’t work.

  • Shem

    Andy i would like to get this phone in Nigeria, what do you think i could do? and what version should i buy? and when is the sale of this phone starting???
    And finally did they mention anything about the MI laptop?
    Thanks for your help.

  • Kay Stalsby

    Hi, do you think we can use it in the US? Do you know which carrier will it work great?

  • jfc74

    well im using one here in hong kong and im really happy with it

  • Aisa Pangdan

    No gorilla glass? No way.

    • Pratik Shende

      Dear BT its having gorilla glass in Indian version….m having 1…

  • Steve Jobz

    man… such a ripoff of Apple’s presentation.

  • along

    hello..i have problem to use play store without wifi..have u any idea about this problem..and one more problem why i cant register mi acc…tq