Update:Xiaomi Mi3 announced with Tegra 4 and Snapdragon 800, from $320!

Update:Xiaomi Mi3 announced with Tegra 4 and Snapdragon 800, from $320!


Updated with more photos as we now have internet!

Lei Jun has just launched the new flagship Xiaomi Mi3, available with either a quad-core Nvidia Tegra 4 processor of Qualcomm Snapdragon 800!

The Xiaomi launch event is still in full swing, but while the WIFI is working and Lei Jun is introducing the Xiaomi TV, I though I would post details of the new Mi3.

Full details will be posted later, but the highlights of the new phone include a 5-inch 1080 display, 13 mega-pixel rear camera with F2.2 aperture, 3050mAh battery, 128mps writable memory, 2GB RAM and a choice of either a Snapdragon 800 chip or Nvidia Tegra 4 processor (keeping everyone happy), NFC, 5Ghz WIFI etc.

xiaomi mi3 waterproof

Unsurprisingly the phone’s shape is the same as the Lumia style leaks and will be available in a range of colours including red, yellow, blue, pink and black. There will also be a smart cover style case available also in a range of bright colours.

xiaomi mi3

Pricing for the 8.1 mm thick phone starts at 1999 Yuan for the 16GB model rising to 2499 Yuan for the 64GB version. Lei Jun has also announced the Xiaomi Mi3 will go on sale from the middle of October. We’ll have a hands on with the new phone later.

P.S more details coming, along with Xiaomi TV details.

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  • Petri

    So which CPU should I choose? Anyone of them better for gaming/movies?

    • TinLo

      Thats a very good question ^^ Want to know this too.

      • yoavst

        I think that the S800 is better. it has better GPU, better connectivity, better community

        • Airyl

          The Tegra 4 should be better for games with it’s 72 cuda core GPU. The S800 will be the all around faster chip.

          • iBoy

            Adreno 320 is 2x Faster than GeForce

            • Ace

              That’s vs 12 cores, the one in the tegra 4 is 6 times faster than the tegra 3, which is the one you’re looking at (it has 6 times the cores )

          • yoavst

            Well, it not 72 cores, it one core with 72 cores inside it.
            for exmple, SGX544 if i’m remember right have 12 cores inside…
            the Adreno 330 is so much stronger then the getforce

          • anony

            Adreno 330 eats it alive.

            • Aeonia

              still too early to call the adreno 330 a sure winner, lets wait for the more detailed benchmark results so as to decide..but for now if you must…adreno 330!!!

    • mars

      Tegra 4 is only for China Mobile’s network. Unless you’re in China, go for S800.

      • yoavst

        well, S800 is the best and it international 🙂

      • Oscar

        Can you please give more information about that

    • zeg

      Tegra 4 = Software modem = Works everywhere with the right software.
      Unless Qualcomm have manage to boost their Adreno 330 GPU alot the GPU in Tegra 4 is faster.
      IMO Qualcomms SoC are overrated.

    • S800 hands-down

  • Hecke

    Andi, could you do a comparison between the Nvidia Tegra 4 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 when you have some spare time?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Jogo

      would be great to see a detailed comparison…! :))

  • Trowbridge40

    I love this site but the coverage has been terrible
    This is a site for the major phone makers in China and today was a major release from the biggest and this is the coverage? The live coverage on Facebook is even worse come on giz China !!!!

    • Jogo

      indeed, it’s fact!

    • The internet is terrible here, wifi 3g rubbish, thats the reason why.

      • Pramod

        Andi, your sincere efforts are very much appreciated, no need to convince the all-time complainants! You are giving a live coverage from the event in spite of having terrible net connection to keep us updated. I don’t understand the mentality of the people. You have mentioned- more details coming, and still people have to complain. Sick mentality!
        Keep up the good work, we very much appreciate that! And thanks a bunch!

        • Jogo

          Pramod, we aren’t complaining but exiting-ly we just hope to enjoy the better announcement of this great event! it’s not that Andi is on a blame, but we just ask! and the problem is on Xiaomi’ side so we all understand that! :)) Happy MI3 Announcement, guys! :))

    • Espresso

      Common he’s blogging/twittering/scooping the news while he is in the middle of the presentation?

      Give him credits for his effort!

      Flaming, baiting is to say at least impolite.

  • qidamin

    I have seen that Tegra4 is for TD SCDMA version. Little bit disappointing, design is so so, specs also, nothing very exciting. And why a 16gb and 64gb version, why not 32gb? the TV looks interesting though.

  • gothikserpent

    I wanted to get the Mi3 with the tegra 4 for an amazing gaming experience due to tegra game optimizations but that design is hard to like so my final choice is the oppo n1

  • Henrique

    Already out?

  • Simon

    So no Xiaomi tablet announcement then ?

    • Nope no tablet

      • Jogo

        what about phablet, have you heard of? 🙂

  • Kalpit

    Hi Andi

    Whether they have launched xiaomi Red Rice with WCDMA ?

    Any News ?


  • mars

    No info on 4G compatibilty ?

  • Henrique

    I was looking for sites do buy… “China Mainland Version” Works outside china?

  • Jose M

    Will it go on sale worlwide in the middle of October or just in China?

    When can we expect a worlwide version on sale?

  • Henrique

    Last question… release date?

  • liljohn

    no replaceable battery??? microsd slot? igzo display or gram? please update the info…

  • prasadh

    the specs are greats …looks arent that convinving…..
    but hey ANDione doubt is it waterproof …coz there were rumors of MI3 getting waterproof ..the beast inside sure does need a waterproof coat outside:)

  • prasadh

    and one more important thing ANDI…any news of them going global…..launching in INDIA especially:)

  • mars
  • kostas

    microsd card slot??

    • nope

    • anony

      Nope, why would they miss the chance to rip people off and make them buy the 64GB version?

      • Anon

        The reason there’s no MicroSD probably has more to do with the fact that Microsoft is ransoming OEMs for the FAT filesystem, than to do with a desire from Xiaomi to “rip people off”. (These phones are already so much cheaper than mainstream phones and arguably with better construction quality as well.)

        • anony

          You mean Xiaomi isn’t able to “pay the ransom” when small unknown manufacturer like Jiayu or heck, stars are able to? Poor them.

          Nevermind the clearly exorbitant asking price for the higher storage right, Xiaomi can’t be that greedy right? They can’t possibly do it for the profit. Uh huh.

  • nno

    nice tv

  • Simon

    Are people more disappointed about the Mi3 than expected ?

  • liljohn

    the design is not what i expected it to be….

    about the screen, from the official web i found this:

    Sharp / LG 5-inch ultra-sensitive touch screen retina
    standard 16:9 Full HD resolution, display accuracy up 441PPI

    will there be 2 version of screen? sharp igzo display and LG GRam?

  • The design is disappointing, but highly impressed with the choice of chipset they offer. At 320$, the device seems like a steal. Hope to see the device being available 350$ onward on reseller websites. They have the potential to kill Meizu and OPPO’s market – they just need to design and make the device available keeping in mind international customers.
    @Andi: A USB modem might come in handy in situations like these 😉

    • It would if there was reliable 3G or any ethernet…

      • Yikes. Never mind, thank you anyway! Great job.

  • Trowbridge40

    Andi I must apologize for my inpatients you were doing your best sorry.

  • peterth11

    Andi im currently using china mobile and i dont want to change but if i buy the china mobile TD-SCDMA version and i travel out of china where most networks use CDMA or GSM network, will the phone work on those networks? and if i buy the WCDMA / CDMA2000 version which i know supports international networks, will it support my china mobile sim card with no problems?because on the xiaomi site china mobile is not under WCDMA / CDMA2000 version.

    • If you use the China Mobile SIM and roaming yes, if you change the SIM to a local one then no I don’t think 3G will work (2G should). China Mobile use their own ‘3G’ called TD-SCDMA which is not compatible with any other 3G (correct me if I am wrong). If you are heading to UK, Europe, Russia, Australia (I think) ETC then you might be better to change your number for the China Unicom version of the phone. We traveled to the UK and Europe a few weeks ago with Unicom versions of the Mi2 and Mi2A and they worked without issue (on local sims)

      • brendan

        Is there any other way to change the connection from 2g to 3g? Like gelbreak…

  • Simon

    Would someone care to explain why they release 2 different versions, one with Tegra 4 and the other with Snapdragon 800 – is that usual in smartphone manufacture ?