iPhone 5C Vs mid-range Chinese Android phones Xiaomi, Meizu, Oppo

As promised Apple launched an ‘affordable’ iPhone yesterday. The iPhone 5C is a slight update to the iPhone 5 with a new plastic body, but how does it compare to mid-range Chinese phones?

It was no surprise that Apple had a mid-range iPhone ready for launch yesterday. We had seen the leaked images months ago, and Chinese clone makers have already put together their own Android powered knock-off!

The iPhone 5C is actually a slight update on the iPhone 5, but with a plastic body to keep costs down, however it isn’t as affordable as many of us would have hoped. Chinese commenters are making jokes saying the ‘C’ actually stands of ‘Costly’ as it will cost an unbelievable $734 when it launches here in China!

iPhone 5C vs mid-range Chinese Android phones

iphone 5c

Costing double of current flagship phones the iPhone 5C is not a cheap phone, and things don’t look any better for the baby iPhone when we compare it’s hardware to mid-range offerings from Chinese phone makers which cost less than half the price!

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The iPhone 5C has the lowest resolution and the poorest camera specification of the models above, although iOS7’s new camera app is very attractive. The Apple A6 processor is also running at just 1.3Ghz and is a dual-core design where as the Meizu and Oppo have quad-core chips.

oppo r819

Oppo offer the R819 with a choice of either the original Oppo ROM, Color ROM or a stock Android install, the MX2 runs Flyme 3.0 but MIUI is also available, and MIUI on the Xiaomi Mi2A is one of the most feature packed and frequently updated ROMs available!

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install google play store xiaomi mi2a hero

The Xiaomi has a dual-core CPU like the iPhone 5C however it runs at a much faster 1.7Ghz, the Mi2A also has NFC and 5Ghz WIFI (the only phone on the list to do so).

iPhone 5C or mid-range Chinese phone: what’s your choice?

Looking at the specs above the features and the pricing of these 4 mid-range smartphones, which would you choose? Will you pay the premium for the Apple iPhone 5C or would you save a significant amount of money and gain a great number of features with one of the Chinese phones? Let us know in the comments section below!

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