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Chinese manufacturer, Meizu, is trying hard to keep its smartphone business. In recent times, the company’s phone business has been going down. Presently, we hardly …

On June 25th, Meizu officially announced that 10 of its models will get the latest Flyme update on top of Android 10. From June 23 …

Following the announcement of the Meizu 17 series launch date, there have been numerous official confirmations of the features of this series. In fact, Meizu …

Flyme 8.0

Meizu has officially announced that as of January 17th, the release of the full Flyme 8.0 stable is now complete. The new system-level, design and …

Today, Meizu Technology founder Huang Zhang revealed that the new version of its proprietary OS, “Flyme 8” is on the way. Unfortunately, he did not …

Earlier today, senior vice president of Meizu and president of the Flyme Division Yang Yan, announced his resignation on his official private Weibo account. This message …

Meizu’s depth customization of Android’s system, Flyme, has added a new update to its current Flyme 7 OS. This new update brings improved performance/efficiency and …

Chinese manufacturing giant, Meizu, is set to unveil its new flagship – Meizu 15 on April 22nd. As the launch date draws closer, we get …

meizu tablet

Rumours of a possible Meizu tablet have reignited again, but is it really likely to happen?

meizu tablet

Interesting news out of China today are the rumours that Meizu might be entering the tablet market.

Meizu flyme cloud

Meizu customers aren’t going to like this! Meizu will shut down Flyme’s cloud storage servers and you’ll need to backup all your photos!

meizu curved display leaked

Curved displays are set to be all the rage this year with Huawei, Xiaomi and now Meizu all rumoured to be building phones with the …

meizu mx5 China

For last minute shoppers Chinese New Year shoppers in China, Meizu have cut the price of the MX5 once again.

Meizu Metalhelio x20

In a developing case, Meizu fans in Italy have discovered that Meizu’s Flyme OS has malware infecting certain built-in applications.

Flyme is most famous for being the custom Android ROM of Meizu phones, but for the past few months Elephone has been tweaking the system to run on its devices, and the Elephone M2 will receive Flyme next.

flyme 5

Meizu has confirmed it will release Flyme 5.0 on the 23rd September at the same time as their new product launch.

blackview alife p1 pro google cardboard

After releasing source code for some of their phones and showing CyanogenMod running on the Blackview Crown, Blackview now demo Flyme on the Alife P1 Pro.

meizu mx5 pro plus

The Meizu MX5 Pro has become a little bit of a will they? won’t they? rumour. We’re still not clear if the phone will eventually exist but if it does launch this could be the hardware specification.

The Meizu MX5 might seem like a very potent phone with its impressive hardware, but thanks to its software, it tells a different story than you expect.