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Xiaomi’s been in the business for long enough to realize this, but if they haven’t yet, here’s a reminder: they’ve been doing mid-range wrong.

Not long after Xiaomi released their kernel sources, good things (read: latest Android builds) have started happening! Thanks to sources being released, 3rd party devs …

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Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun has just posted on his official Weibo that his company has sold 10 million phones in just 11 months!

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As promised Apple launched an ‘affordable’ iPhone yesterday. The iPhone 5C is a slight update to the iPhone 5 with a new plastic body, but how does it compare to mid-range Chinese phones?

If you have spent any amount of time on GizChina you will have seen that I quite like Xiaomi phones, in fact I bought a …

It looks as though a lot of Xiaomi Mi2A owners are struggling to install the Google Play Store on their new Xiaomi Mi2A phones, great news though there is an easy way to do it!

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More leaked photos and rumours surrounding Xiaomi suggest that the Beijing phone maker have 2 new phones set for an April release!

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Sources close to Xiaomi are once again claiming the new low-cost “red rice” phone will launch next month with quad-core MT6589 processor. According to manufacturers …

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We are 100% sure that Xiaomi have developed a replacement to the ageing M1s, whether it’s really named the Xiaomi Mi2a or not is another …

Are Xiaomi planning to launch the next Xiaomi phone and the much delayed Xiaomi Box at a festival next month?

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Xiaomi Mi2a prototype briefly appears on Antutu with impressive benchmark results!

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It appears Xiaomi’s next generation Android smartphone is almost ready to launch. Yesterday the new budget phone was found to have received its network license …

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We can finally put those Xiaomi Mi2A rumours to rest as the phone has officially appeared at China’s Communications Ministry and has received it’s network …

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After reading reports that the Xiaomi MI2a could be a large screen, dual-core M1s replacement with narrow bezel design and Snapdragon 400 CPU, I became …

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Xiaomi could be planning to replace the ageing Xiaomi M1s with an all new Xiaomi MI2A which will feature a new larger display, thin bezels and Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 400 CPU!

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Xiaomi are working on launching their next generation phone, and rumours, leaks and now discovered accessory listings suggest the new phone could be named the …

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The sudden surge in next generation Xiaomi rumours has taken us a little by surprise seeing as though the phone wasn’t expected until August, however …

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