5-inch Xiaomi could be named be the Xiaomi MI2A and launch in May!

The sudden surge in next generation Xiaomi rumours has taken us a little by surprise seeing as though the phone wasn’t expected until August, however new reports suggest the next phone could be launched as early as May!

From previous Xiaomi phone launches we, like many others, expected the Xiaomi Mi3 to be unveiled during an August 16th press launch and go on sale in October, however new reports are suggesting something else.

New rumours confirm that the next generation Xiaomi will in fact be a 5-inch 1080HD phone, but rather will not be the Xiaomi Mi3! Instead this new phone could be called the Xiaomi MI2A and might be launched as early as May!

This would line up with last years May launch of the youth version of the original Xiaomi M1, and might also suggest that the Beijing start-up could be planning 2 new 5-inch phones for 2013!

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