Installing Google Play Store on Xiaomi Mi2A is easy with the Google...

Installing Google Play Store on Xiaomi Mi2A is easy with the Google Installer App


It looks as though a lot of Xiaomi Mi2A owners are struggling to install the Google Play Store on their new Xiaomi Mi2A phones, great news though there is an easy way to do it!

I picked up my Xiaomi Mi2 earlier this year and have been completely satisfied with it. It’s an awesome phone with great hardware, support and updates! Not so long ago Xiaomi introduced the Xiaomi Mi2A a cheeper dual-core phone with NFC and a larger display. I’ve been eyeing up the Mi2A since it launched, but never had a reason to buy one until my wife’s HTC One X decided it no longer wanted to hold enough charge to last the day. New phone time!

Having owned my Mi2 for half a year I figured that the Xiaomi Mi2A would be much the same but with the added benefit of the larger screener, faster (and it is much much faster) 5Ghz Wifi and built-in NFC, and I’m happy to report it is! Well except for one thing!

Google Play Store

When I installed the Google Play store on my Xiaomi I basically searched for “Play Store” in the MIUI store downloaded installed and voilà done! I’ve also managed to install Play from the great Gapps site on the Mi2 without issue too. With the Mi2A though Google Play would install but would force close as soon as it opened.

google play store

Other international customers also seemed to be having the same issue too, and although many had found workarounds to get Play running I didn’t feel like trying any of them in the local coffee shop on a very hot summer afternoon.

Thankfully there was a super easy way to do it!

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How to install Google Play Store on Xiaomi Mi2a

Chinese app developer Eric Xiang has put together an excellent Google Installer app which you can find in Xiaomi’s MIUI app market. The name for the app is in Chinese, but a simple search in English for “Google” will bring it up.

google installer app xiaomi

What the app does is install Google applications and the necessary components to your Xiaomi Mi2a automatically, giving you a fully functioning Google Play Store right on your phone with very little effort!

The Google Installer App also allows you to install other Google Apps services at the same time such as Google Search, Gmail, Chrome, Navigation etc!

Xiaomi Mi2A review coming soon!

So now that our family has adopted yet another Xioami it’s time for a full in-depth review (once my wife let’s me that is!).

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  • fel

    yeah the 3ghz makes a difference i spose. i have yet to change our n router to n mode as it runs on agn as my wifes mac is still an older one with no n, hence the slower mode for all of u.
    Will get the 3 in september with the new cam and 5ghz but seriously .. what i love with the m2 is its pocketable something which disappears with 5′ to some extend.
    My xiaomi box works nicely too since they introduced apps with the newest beta

  • Victor

    I saw this app but i ignored it , coz i dont know what does it for. So i am painfully looking for google framework etc to be installed with root explorer on my m2a, at last i managed to install playstore…you right andy i owned Mi1 and M1s, never found such problem

  • to buy a 3RD party battery for lousy htc

  • put the link for mi ui app store!

  • Simon

    Excellent, I am seriously considering buying a Xiaomi M2A around July/August time. One of the things that slightly puts me off is the lack of online support (correct me if i’m wrong) compared with the big boys.

    So any tips etc you give regarding their devices is very welcomed 🙂

    • fel

      actually they ve a live chat on their website, used it a few times when i got fcodes but their web side wasnt showing the field for it

      • really_wacky

        I dont understand why you wouldnt just use the rom from miuiandroid .com this allready has google playstore its better translated and has al the chinese crap removed. There is a topic why it is better but i cant post hyperlinks here 🙂

        • Simon

          Oh, so the MIUI Rom that comes preinstalled is different to the one available at ?

      • Simon

        Fel what are f codes and what website did you go to for live chat ?



    I cant see the reason why you didn’t review the Mi2.

    Its better Late than Never.

    Waiting for a comprehensive Review of Both Xiaomi devices.


  • Simon

    I’d like to see a review/tutorial/guide to the MIUI Rom, in order to get comfortable before ordering an Xiaomi in July/August time (if and when convenient).

    • really_wacky

      I just got the MI2s its really an awesome device! Just google for miui v5 and search on youtube there is enough info out there!

      I didnt regret my choise for a second!

      • Simon

        Where did you buy it from ?

        • really_wacky

 previously called mentoo. Here is a coupon -10% and free shipping on all smartphones. 861527

          • Simon

            I tried it doesn’t work, but does work ?

  • FTP

    I had made request in couple other threads for a review/feedback on M2A and since there were no replies. I had almost lost hopes that anyone would do a full review on M2A.

    Good to hear that you would be reviewing M2A.

  • Adam S

    Okay, great tips and thanks – this is the first thing I installed when my new MI2A arrived today – however, the store won’t open – the icons on the home screen enlarge as if it is about to open, and then fall back again. If I tap the icon repeatedly, the screen goes black and the phone hangs…I went through all the permissions of the support apps to make sure they are trusted and allowed to run on startup, rebooted, and still no joy.

    Gmail seems to be working okay though…alas, the MIUI contacts book doesn’t have an option to import contacts from my Gmail account.

    • If you’re having issues with this then I suggest you install the latest Miui Android ROM from here

    • Adam S

      Okay, shamefaced retraction – uninstalling the play store through the settings-apps menu and then reinstalling through Eric Xiang’s app seems to have worked. Let others learn from my knee-jerk impatience.

      The phone is living up to its reputation so far. Very pleased.

      • Awesome glad you got it working! 🙂

  • Stavi

    Will the google play app be the same as the us version? I have noticed on my tablet that if I open the play store without the vpn, then many of the apps are not available. just wondering if anyone has any idea about that.

  • Ruben

    Hello guys!
    I bought a Xiaomi Mi2s last month.
    Ive installed Google play store using Eric Xiang’s app but I still have the same problem, when I open the play store the error appears again “Unfortunately google play store has stopped”…
    What should I do? I’m completely new on android (and smartphones!!)…
    Thanks for your help

  • Douglas

    Thank you, very much

  • Raf

    Hi, I have a Xiaomi Mi2S with 4.1.1 JRO03L version, MIUI Version MIUI-JLB21.0.

    Installing GooglePlay was very easy. Downloading and installing apps worked as well very smoothly, but suddenly my phone started to crash – every app I’ve opened was closed just after few seconds. Nasty thing.
    Here is what I’ve discovered;
    After downloading and logging in to the Google account, if the phone is restarted it became unstable, the only way to solve the problem is to restore it to the factory settings and reinstall all apps again. As long as the Google account is not connected, everything works perfectly. Tho downside of this is that many apps cannot be found in the native miui “Market” app.

    • That is really odd never experienced that. Have you tried an alternate ROM to see if that fixes it?

  • Adrian

    Hello, i am quiet interested in the xiaomi phones. Do you have got MIUI v5?
    Will it be as easy to install the Google Play on the Mi 3 as well?
    Just looking for the Google Play App in the MIUI store?

    Please help me!

  • Dylan

    Is anyone else getting a “parsing error” when they go to install the Google framework?

  • Cale Jackson

    It is easy to get Google Play working on Mi2, mine came with it pre installed but it would not open, I simply went into Google Installer and Uninstalled Google Play,
    Then I went to Mi Market and reinstalled Google Play and it worked as it
    Should on any Android device