Meizu MX2 Destruction test! Don’t try this at home!

Russian phone reviewers have decided to put Meizu’s MX2 though a brutal destruction test! Keep reading to watch the video and see how it stood up to the abuse!

Meizu phones are known for a number of reasons some good and some not so good. Headlines often mention Meizu’s buggy firmware, and poor battery life but neglect to talk about the excellent design and high quality!

One mark of a high quality phone is how it stands up to everyday use and abuse, but Russian phone site decided to take things up a notch when testing the Meizu MX2. In the video we see the MX2 is subject to knife attacks, being used as a hammer, a swim in a bath of water, frozen in to a block of ice and town off a building and eventually ran over!

We’re not entirely sure if this video really proves or disproves Meizu’s craftsmanship, but it’s fun to watch none the less.

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