More evidence the Xiaomi Mi2A is coming soon

More evidence the Xiaomi Mi2A is coming soon


We are 100% sure that Xiaomi have developed a replacement to the ageing M1s, whether it’s really named the Xiaomi Mi2a or not is another question, but a newer larger and powerful phone is coming for sure!

The Xiaomi M1s is basically a slightly more powerful version of the original M1 which lauched back in 2011. It was never the most attractive phone, but it got the job done.

With the old M1s really showing it’s age, especially against the hundreds of low-cost and better spec’d alternatives from domestic phone makers, Xiaomi have wisely decided a new entry-level phone is needed.

Currently known as the Mi2A the new phone is rumoured to boast a larger 4.6-inch display, dual-core Snapdragon 600 CPU, 1GB RAM and be capable of Antutu scores above 18,000! That’s a damn site more powerful than all the quad-core MT6589 phones we have currently seen!

xiaomi mi2a antutu scores

Rumours suggest the Mi2a will make a surprise launch during a Xiaomi Festival in Beijing on 9th April, and to back up those claims the Chinese phone ministry updated it’s database just yesterday listing a new cdma2000/WCDMA China Telecom phone from Xiaomi!

 xiaomi mi2a china telecom network license

This along with the official MIIT images from the phone’s network license are the best evidence we could have bar official confirmation from Xiaomi themselves!

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  • mobileaddict

    The CPU is Snapdragon not Mediatek that’s why the score is 18,000.

  • Jason

    The price of mi2a is likely more expensive than the quad-core MT6589 phones

  • mannie

    Andi, do you recommend this phone over the mediatek quads? any idea on the price range?

    • We’re hearing from 1299 – 1499 yuan here in China. If it’s anything like the current M1 or M2 then yes it will be worth it, but Xiaomi phones are really difficult to buy due to the huge demand and international resellers put a huge mark-up on them.

      • mannie

        Oke thank you, will look into it when its released. might go for a mediatek 1080 phone but i must day i’d rather have snapdragon. might wait for the jiayu s1, will probably be cheaper and easyer to get hold of than xiaomi but we will see.

  • Josef

    Isnt Mi2a suppose to be better then mi2? why is it dual core and not quad core?
    why is it only 1gb ram?
    Disapointed abit 🙁
    CDMA Meaning they only release it as CDMA OR gsm also?

    • Nope it’s meant to be a new entry level phone. Mi3 will be the new flagship model

  • mannie

    Any idea how it’s possible that the quad core xiaomi mi2 scores around 14500 on antutu and xiaomi’s budget mi2a dualcore gets a score of 18531?

    • My quad-core Mi2 scores 21000 🙂