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Today, LG officially commenced the pre-sale of the world’s first 8K OLED TV. The LG 88Z9 8K OLED TV is considered as the most sophisticated …

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According to reports from Nikkei Asian, Chinese manufacturer, Huawei, plans to launch the world’s first 5G smart TV this year. From the report, this TV …

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Chinese manufacturing giant, Xiaomi, has been doing quite well in the smart TV market. The company’s online sales have been on top of its game …

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Presently, Chinese manufacturers are doing quite well in the smartphone industry. In order to drive profit, some Chinese companies like Xiaomi do not just make …

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The CES 2019 is in full swing, and as expected, the event isn’t much about mobiles phones, but rather we are seeing different tech giants …

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Samsung has announced that users will be able to control the upcoming QLED TV both through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, as long as they …

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Huawei smart TV

We have heard Huawei is about to enter the smart TV market. This was confirmed today once again. The clue comes from a trademark protection …

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Amidst the increasing news of the arrival of the Oneplus 6T, Chinese Smartphone maker – OnePlus earlier today dropped the hint that suggests it could …

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Today, Xiaomi announced on its official Weibo handle that the company will hold a Xiaomi TV strategy conference on August 28th at 2 pm in the …

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We all thought that the end was just in sight for Le Eco, but out of the blue the Chinese tech giant has gone and released 10 new products.

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Well this could be really interesting I guess. Sharp – the well known Japanese electronics behemoth released a poster recently that hints presumably at a …

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xiaomi curved tv

Xiaomi launched their curved smart TV today featuring a monster 65-inch screen and a body that’s thinner than the iPhone 6S!

xiaomi tv 3s

Xiaomi have launched a new budget flat TV with 43-inch display costing an impressive $280!

xiaomi curved tv

A Xiaomi teaser featuring the number ‘pi’ has been released and might mean a new curved TV is on the way.

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letv lemall

LeTV have officially opened their U.S online mall and are now selling LeTV accessories to residents of the United States with LeTV smart TV availability …

Letv appears to be working on at least one smart TV launch for the Indian market sometime soon.

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letv x40 tv

LeTV have released some interesting TV and content streaming device today, but it is their LeTV X40 smart TV costing only $266 which has me reaching for the credit card!

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xiaomi mitv 3

Xiaomi sound like they are ready to release the 3rd generation of their Xiaomi TV in China on the 24th March.

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India based Micromax have moved from mobile to clash with electronics giants in the living-room with their very own Android Smart TV.

mi box mini

The final launch item from today’s Xiaomi announcement was the Mi Box Mini, an impressively tiny little Android TV box that will cost only 199 Yuan!