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Motorola Smart TV

Motorola TV is official and so is Motorola’s return to the world of television with 6 models based on Android TV. Motorola is back in the …

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oneplus tv

Less than a month ago, we told you about the first tangible clue about the future OnePlus TV. Which is Bluetooth certification for its remote …

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Today, LG officially commenced the pre-sale of the world’s first 8K OLED TV. The LG 88Z9 8K OLED TV is considered as the most sophisticated …

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According to reports from Nikkei Asian, Chinese manufacturer, Huawei, plans to launch the world’s first 5G smart TV this year. From the report, this TV …

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Chinese manufacturing giant, Xiaomi, has been doing quite well in the smart TV market. The company’s online sales have been on top of its game …

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Presently, Chinese manufacturers are doing quite well in the smartphone industry. In order to drive profit, some Chinese companies like Xiaomi do not just make …

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The CES 2019 is in full swing, and as expected, the event isn’t much about mobiles phones, but rather we are seeing different tech giants …

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Samsung has announced that users will be able to control the upcoming QLED TV both through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, as long as they …

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Huawei smart TV

We have heard Huawei is about to enter the smart TV market. This was confirmed today once again. The clue comes from a trademark protection …

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Amidst the increasing news of the arrival of the Oneplus 6T, Chinese Smartphone maker – OnePlus earlier today dropped the hint that suggests it could …

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Today, Xiaomi announced on its official Weibo handle that the company will hold a Xiaomi TV strategy conference on August 28th at 2 pm in the …

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We all thought that the end was just in sight for Le Eco, but out of the blue the Chinese tech giant has gone and released 10 new products.

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Well this could be really interesting I guess. Sharp – the well known Japanese electronics behemoth released a poster recently that hints presumably at a …

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xiaomi curved tv

Xiaomi launched their curved smart TV today featuring a monster 65-inch screen and a body that’s thinner than the iPhone 6S!

xiaomi tv 3s

Xiaomi have launched a new budget flat TV with 43-inch display costing an impressive $280!

xiaomi curved tv

A Xiaomi teaser featuring the number ‘pi’ has been released and might mean a new curved TV is on the way.

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letv lemall

LeTV have officially opened their U.S online mall and are now selling LeTV accessories to residents of the United States with LeTV smart TV availability …

Letv appears to be working on at least one smart TV launch for the Indian market sometime soon.

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letv x40 tv

LeTV have released some interesting TV and content streaming device today, but it is their LeTV X40 smart TV costing only $266 which has me reaching for the credit card!

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xiaomi mitv 3

Xiaomi sound like they are ready to release the 3rd generation of their Xiaomi TV in China on the 24th March.

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