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UFS card

Did you remember the UFS cards? We first heard about them three years ago, but the technology isn’t available for customers yet. The new standard …

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Hisense U30

On April 3, Hisense Mobile held a new product launch conference in Emeishan, officially releasing the Hisense U30 full-screen smartphone and the King Kong 5/5 …

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Hisense H20

On June 26, Hisense held a press conference at the Qingdao International Convention Center and officially released the Hisense H20. The latter comes with a …

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Hisense Infinity H11 Pro

Right from the MWC of Barcelona we have a first hands-on with the new Hisense Infinity H11 Pro, the successor of the H11 launched back …

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Hisense H11

A month back, a mysterious Hisense smartphone visited TENAA. Today, on January 26 the Hisense H11 was officially announced with a number of great features …

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Hisense Dolphin 2

Today Hisense released a new smartphone for its Dolphin line with a codenamed of simply Hisense Dolphin 2. This is an entry-level device with a …

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Hisense P9

A rugged Hisense smartphone dubbed Hisense P9 has been certified by Chinese electronics certification agency TENAA, hinting at a possible release at the CES 2018. …

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Hisense Full-Screen

Back in October Hisense that is not specialized in making smartphones decided to join the race of full-screen devices and launched the Hali. A mid-ranger …

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Hisense may not be the Chinese brand you’re waiting for, but they are still there following new trends. Not much time ago they unveiled the …

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Hisense A2 Pro

Russian phone maker Yotaphone was in the news recently for making the World first dual screen phone with HD e-link display, now China’s Hisense has …

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We’ve een this model a couple of months ago when it was listed on TENAA and impressed us all (I guess), with its dual display …

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Remember last year when Chinese companies were attempting to make Yotaphone competitors? Hisense may be looking to restart that trend with their latest A2.

hisense magic mirror tablet

The latest tablet from Hisense is the Hisense Magic Mirror with 8.4-inch Retina display, Rockchips CPU and ultrathin bezels.

Hisense C20 KingKong 2

The Hisense C20 Kingkong 2 takes the idea of an IP67 rugged phone but removes much of the chunky rubber and replaces it with Corning Gorilla Glass 4.

hisense c1 series

Hisense launch the ultra slim Hisense C1 Series at IFA 2015 boasting 5.43mm thick alloy body, Snapdragon 615 and 2500mAh battery.