Hisense To Launch The World’s First Full-Color Laser TV With Social Functions

Hisense full-color laser tv

As Hisense has officially confirmed, at CES, the Chinese company will be the first company to release the world’s first full-color laser TV with social functions. Laser TVs have been on the market for a few years, and they are very popular now. For some customers, they even replace the regular smart TVs. We should also recall Xiaomi, which was the first to design a laser TV at an affordable price. But what’s more important, Hisense has been in the TV industry for ages, and it knows how to make innovative products.

Hisense full-color laser tv

Yu Zhitao, President of Hisense Video, announced: ‘Hisense has launched a full range of full-color laser TV products ranging from 75 inches to 100 inches, and fully popularizes full-color laser TVs.’

The new Hisense full-color laser TV adopts RGB three-primary-color full-color light source architecture. The single-encapsulated laser light source does not interfere with each other. And the color rendering is purer. At the same time, the high-brightness chip allows the screen brightness to reach 430 nits, exceeding the brightness standard of digital TV. Hisense’s exclusive three-color laser design eliminates the color wheel mixing components, which reduces the volume of the optical engine by 30%.

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Hisense said that the new TV has achieved a 128% improvement in original color. The highest color gamut standard can reach 107% BT2020. And the color gamut coverage reaches 151% of the DCI-P3 movie color standard, surpassing high-end theaters by nearly 50%.

Hisense full-color laser tv

Not Only That

Hisense claims to be the first TV brand to launch social TV, the first 6-channel video call function, and further upgrade to support 1000 party calls. The L9F series is equipped with a Hi Table social system and an AI camera. The camera supports 1080P image quality and can be adjusted by 15°. At the same time, AI full-time far-field voice can realize functions such as 6-channel video call, AI fitness, same-screen viewing, karaoke and microphone.

Hisense announced that in the future, it will also launch a commercial laser TV solution with 10,000 lumens or more, and mass-produce curling screen laser TVs.

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