GooPhone i5c hands on video, Android knock off iPhone 5C!

Chinese phone maker GooPhone have managed to get the drop an Apple once again this time by posting a hands on video of their new GooPhone i5C iPhone knock off.

The short 30 second video clip shows us a white GooPhone i5c running Android OS which has been modified to look like iOS 7 on the iPhone. Like the real iPhone 5C it mimics the fake phone has a rounded plastic body, and will be available in a range of colours, but has the GooPhone ‘valley bee’ logo on the rear

Hands on with the GooPhone i5c

According to these specifications the GooPhone i5c features a 1.2Ghz dual-core CPU, 1GB RAM, 4GB ROM and will cost $99.

This isn’t the first time GooPhone have pulled a stunt like this. They did the same last year ahead of the iPhone 5 launch. That time they got away with it, but will they be able to avoid Apple’s lawyers this time round?

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