CyanogenMod heading to the FAEA F2S

CyanogenMod heading to the FAEA F2S


Developers over on the FAEAmobile forum have started to work on bringing Cyanogenmod CM10.1 to the quad-core FAEA F2S Android smartphone.

The lead developer of the ROM, Shawn, has posted that FAEA have offered him the source code for the FAEA F2S smartphone. FAEA haven only allowed the developer access to the source code, who is now attempting to bring CM10.1 to the phone.

The FAEA F2S is the slightly more powerful version of the FAEA F2 which we unboxed earlier. It features the same 5-inch 1080p display, stylish body and 13 mega-pixel, but with a more powerful 1.5Ghz MT6589T processor.

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  • Chav

    With source available to only 1 person?!, and no real opening of sources, there is almost nothing positive. Ok after months he will be able to compile “plain” CM10.1, so what?!

  • junior_poa

    Shall posted:
    “Up until september 2013 with the exception for Samsung no manufacturer has released there sources. Recently Sony released there sources and
    Faea decided to release there sources under confidentiality.

    Please understand that copying is relative easy. The good Chinese Companies are in a ‘split’. Opening the sources public will have result in ‘clone’ manufacturers copy there hardware with the official factory ROM.
    The worst scenario for a manufacture: Bad copies of a phone = bad publicity.”

    • junior_poa

      Sorry, wrong name…

      Shall => Shawn

    • Lars Nørgaard

      There’s already hardware copies that look identical… And the software on most MTK based phones are almost vanilla android, so I don’t see what they didn’t want to have copied?

      Many have said it’s due to the MTK dual sim stuff, that we don’t see sources.

  • M

    Sorry guys, but there’s a tangible difference between “a barely-competent ROM tweaker gets some source thrown at him, has no idea what to do with it, proudly reports that he’s ‘reading manuals’ (whatever that means)” and “X is heading to Y”.

    Unless your definition of the word “heading” is decidedly unorthodox, that is.

  • SBS

    – They do not want to release sources.
    – Shawn is in fact a Faea employee given the fact that he posted some deleted comments with official faeamobile account
    – He has no experience in porting a device to CyanogenMod
    – No one on XDA or cyanogen will help him

    We will never have CM10.1 for F2s!!!

    And in the meantime we have an official system full of bugs!!!

    SbS a faea owner!

  • Code shared with one individual? Is this a joke?
    These companies should be boycotted

  • tmxturuu

    This is complete BS. CM team generally dont like to mess with stuff that are closed. Sammie’s lame SOC’s is the biggest example. The F2s has been released in like beginning of October right . yet still no at least a Unofficial BS rom im not going near the nightly. complete BS. owners better hope that Miui will support this phone.