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Xbox Series X

The video game industry is suffering hard by the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic. In particular, the Xbox Series X, which like the PS5, has seen its …


AGM are not stopping with their march and after getting the CyanogenMod succesor Lineage OS ported to their rugged AGM X1 model they are bringing …

Elephone S7 Kernel

Fancy building your own ROM for the Elephone S7? Well you now have that option!

LeEco event

China’s LeEco have made public the kernel source codes of a total of 7 phones, a few TVs and a bunch of smart boxes to everyone.

Source code for the Android 6.0 kernel of the Ulefone Future has been made public.

elephone p8000 review

Elephone promise to release source code for the Elephone P8000 has been pushed back to the 1st November, but they hope to follow up with Elephone P9000 code too.

Trough Carl Pei twitter account OnePlus announced their release of kernel source code for OnePlus 2, now allowing developers to build their custom Roms.

blackview alife p1 pro

If you are an Android developer and looking to dabble in the world of Chinese smartphones, then you might want to download and play around with the source code of the Blackview Alife P1 Pro.

blackview alife a1 pro

Releasing source code was always a bit of a sore point for Chinese phone makers, but now everyone is doing it including China’s very own Blackview.

elephone p8000 source code

Just as promised, Elephone have released the kernel source code for the Elephone P8000 publicly to devs to get their hands on.

xiaomi mi4i

If you have read the reviews of the Xiaomi Mi 4i then I’m sure you have realised it is an amazing piece of hardware just let down by the OS, this could now all hopefully change.

ELEPHONE p8000 specifications

Elephone are hoping to attract a larger audience of developers by releasing the source code for the Elephone P8000.

Xiaomi has finally released the source code for the kernel of one of its most popular devices ever, the Xiaomi Redmi 1S.

miui v6

Ok so the Xiaomi Mi3 isn’t the flagship phone in the Xiaomi range, but there are still plenty of fans out there who can’t wait to get hold of the source code early next year.

scumbag mediatek

Mediatek are in the headlines again for keeping the source code for the Omate Truesmart watch to themselves, but the problems run deeper than that.

faea f2s omni rom

FAEA might have gone all shy on us when it comes to hardware, but they still have a team working on software. The latest release being Ommi ROM based on Android 4.4 Kitkat!

Samsung has made available the Android v4.4 kernel source code it’s premier phablet, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

FAEA are promoting their open source phones once again with an offer to save $30 on a developer version of the FAEA F2 or FAEA F2S.

One of the issues with Mediatek phones is lack of custom ROM support, but this is slowly changing with the release of more sources codes, the latest of which is the Oppo R819.

Chinese phone maker, and relative newcomer to the phone scene, FAEA have announced that they will release source code for their Mediatek phones and plans on building a CyanogenMod dev team!