Rugged AGM X1 released its source code for the developers


AGM are not stopping with their march and after getting the CyanogenMod succesor Lineage OS ported to their rugged AGM X1 model they are bringing another benefit to the users. So what did they offer to us this time ?

Well the big move is releasing the source code for the potential developers among the community in the best way of supporting the open source base of the whole Android. This should spark another influx of custom ROMs being created and available to the people. It’s a sign the makers actually care about the community and support their creativity and custom adjustments for their models.

You surely already have quite some i dea about the AGM X1 and now you have maybe one more reason to get it. And you can get it for example in here for just $252.99. And if you want to dabble into the source code yourself then you can download it directly from this link too.

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