AllCall Bro teaches all the other bros about dual cameras

AllCall Bro

Attention all bros in the hood, because with the release of their first AllCall Bro model the chinese phone makers decided to educate the general public a bit about the dual camera phones in general. Obviously because their budget model is running this dual camera setup so pointing out the benefits and feats it’s a logical move. So here we go, let’s listen to AllCall bros :

First and clearly one is to see from the appearance, there have two lenses set in together and work together, like the “AllCall Bro” combines dual lenses with two separate sensors, 8.0MP main camera captures static images while the 2.0MP subsidiary captures depth information. Secondly, the smart phone have dual camera have better effect in photo contrast, photo brightness than single camera, maybe you can make a comparison with dual and single camera phone.

Third, take photos in poor light, hide the main camera with a object like paper. If you can get a picture have black and white images or a picture with blurry scene, this is a true dual camera. If you get a image with nothing, the Dual camera just is gimmicky. Fourth, in preview mode, you can select the focus and adjust the degree of blur. Let you to take SLR effect photos with smartphone.

So now you should have some better understanding of the ghetto…i mean cameras and if you would like to learn more about the AllCall Bro model then visit the official website. Presale period will also start soon and from April 18th to 24th you will get the chance to get it for the discounted price of $65.99 if you managed to snap up one of the 2000 available pieces. Peace out.

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