Android 4.4 Omni ROM released for FAEA F2S

faea f2s omni rom

FAEA might have gone all shy on us when it comes to hardware, but they still have a team working on software. The latest release being Ommi ROM based on Android 4.4 Kitkat!

For FAEA to release Omni ROM on their quad-core, 1080 smartphone is pretty amazing achievement and an exciting time for FAEA and MTK phone users. It is widely known that Mediatek aren’t to fond of having the latest os ported to their older tech, and go so far as to keep source code away from developers to prevent new ROMs being produced.

Late last year FAEA decided to fight back by releasing source code and putting together a group of developers to work on ROM such as CyanogenMod and Omni ROM.

Omni ROM Android 4.4 Kitkat running on the FAEA F2S

FAEA F2S owners can now download and install the will need to wait for the BETA from to be officially released to install Android 4.4 Kitkat based ROM for their phones from the link below. Those of you without the phone, but who are interested in getting your hands on one and possibly contributing to the development of new ROMS, can pick up the FAEA F2S at a $50 saving here!

The ROM is still in Beta and updates are expected every 2 weeks or so.

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