iOcean G7 Antutu X Benchmarks

iocean g7 antutu x

You asked for them so here they are, Antutu X Benchmarks for the octacore iOcean G7 phablet!

In the past a few smartphone manufacturers (Samsung we’re looking at you!) have used Antutu as a marketing tool, faking amazing benchmarks to look more impressive than they actually should be. Fortunately the time is up for these fraudsters as Antutu X does away with any tweaks and mods to enhance benchmarks leaving us with a genuine result.

After I posted Antutu, Nenamark and Quadrant benchmarks of the octacore iOcean G7 yesterday, many readers asked if I could also test the phablet with Antutu X. The results are in the video below!

iOcean G7 Antutu X Benchmarks

As you can see it appears Antutu have performed a few Antutu tweaks of their own! On a regular Antutu benchmark the G7 receives a whopping 26,986 points where as in Antutu X the score is a more pedestrian 22,224 points!

From now on I will post both Antutu and Antutu X scores for each smartphone review we perform.

What do you make of the differences in benchmarks? Does it really matter? Let us know in the comments below!

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