LeEco releases kernel source codes for multiple devices

LeEco event

China’s LeEco have made public the kernel source codes of a total of 7 phones, a few TVs and a bunch of smart boxes to everyone.

The list includes:

  • Phones- Le S3, Le 1s, Le 1s Eco, Le 2, Le Max and Le Max 2.
  • TVs- Super 4 X55, Super 4 X43 Pro and Super 4 X65.

The move is seen as an attempt to get some 3rd party development going for their devices, along with keeping satisfied followers of GPL laws… something which could prove strategically beneficial for LeEco’s entry into the US amongst other international markets.

A single UI can never satisfy all consumers who resort to customise it. But some want to go further to make hardware-level adjustments so that their custom ROM’s can run efficiently. Now that the source codes have been released, we can expect to see smoother running ROM’s and customisations soon.

If you have what it takes to tinker with kernel code, you can download here.

Chinese companies, especially those with global aspirations are gradually but definitely starting to realise the worth of making public the source codes for their devices. It’s great, because it works well for almost everyone involved this way.

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