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LeEco event

China’s LeEco have made public the kernel source codes of a total of 7 phones, a few TVs and a bunch of smart boxes to everyone.

Elephone are trying to follow suit of some other chinese phone manufacturers being not afraid to open the source code of their devices to third …

Trough Carl Pei twitter account OnePlus announced their release of kernel source code for OnePlus 2, now allowing developers to build their custom Roms.

Xiaomi has finally released the source code for the kernel of one of its most popular devices ever, the Xiaomi Redmi 1S.

FAEA are promoting their open source phones once again with an offer to save $30 on a developer version of the FAEA F2 or FAEA F2S.

Not long after Xiaomi released their kernel sources, good things (read: latest Android builds) have started happening! Thanks to sources being released, 3rd party devs …

One of the issues with Mediatek phones is lack of custom ROM support, but this is slowly changing with the release of more sources codes, the latest of which is the Oppo R819.

Chinese phone maker, and relative newcomer to the phone scene, FAEA have announced that they will release source code for their Mediatek phones and plans on building a CyanogenMod dev team!

It hasn’t been long since Android v4.4 KitKat was introduced by Google with the Nexus 5, and we already have a Chinese device running the same flavor of Android!

Kernel source codes for the Xiaomi Mi2 turn up on GitHub, custom ROMs coming soon?

As expected, Samsung unveiled the source code used for the kernel of the various variants of their flagship phablet, the Galaxy Note 3.

Xiaomi have promised to release the kernel code to their phones opening up Xiaomi devices to 3rd party ROM developers.

Oppo have really stepped up and are distinguishing themselves as a modern phone maker. Not only have they launch one of the best phones of …

TabCo has finally revealed it’s stunningly beautiful new 10 inch tablet, the Grid 10. What makes this tablet stand out for the rest isnt just …

Although the Motorola Xoom comes as standard with a micro SD card slot, Motorola in all their wisdom disabled the hardware from allowing users to …