Elephone is opening the P9000 kernel for the 3rd party firmwares

Elephone are trying to follow suit of some other chinese phone manufacturers being not afraid to open the source code of their devices to third party developers. Lately for example Vernee deserve to be mentioned with such practive concerning their Vernee Thor model.
So one of the main horses in the Elephone stable is getting this treatment and with open kernel of the Elephone P9000 the way is clear for modders and developers to start working on their own custom ROM firmwares.
If such information would sound interesting or tempting for you then you check the Elephone P9000 specificiations here and the P9000 kernel details here.
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  1. Muhammad Yasir
    July 25, 2016

    is this a good thing ?

  2. Casablanca
    July 25, 2016

    Yes, indeed source open of P9000 will be a perfect step, i do believe.

  3. David Košič
    July 25, 2016

    Are they hoping that the community will create a more rich featured and stable ROM?

  4. ValeriyVK
    July 26, 2016

    Fine step, it will help not only for P9000, for which customs are present, will be usefull for other smarts to build tree an build custom roms.

  5. Bob Write
    July 26, 2016

    Their opening the kernel because they been having so much trouble with the P9000 running right, that they are looking for 3rd parties to bale them out.

    • Hakim Farouk
      July 26, 2016

      Yeah, they still couldn’t sort out their bugs. They hired a backwater developer like Deepflex to work on their rom. (no offence to Deepflex) That’s why it still suck. Cynogenmod just laid off some developers, should hire them instead, will definitely see real improvement with proper developers

  6. Allanitomwesh
    July 26, 2016

    Doesn’t even compile right. Typical elephone stunt