Xiaomi Mi3 unboxing photos

Xiaomi Mi3 unboxing photos


Chinese tech sites have started to receive production samples of the Xiaomi Mi3 for review. Here are some detailed unboxing photos! The Xiaomi Mi3 launched last week and they have wasted no time shipping production versions of the phone to Chinese technology and gadget sites for review.

xiaomi mi3 unboxing

These photos from PcOnline.com.cn, feature the Nvidia Tegra 4 version of the Xiaomi Mi3.

xiaomi mi3 unboxing

Xiaomi have always been fond of understated, recycled cardboard packaging and they have used the same style for the new Mi3.

xiaomi mi3 unboxing

Removing the lid reveals the Mi3, and under the phone you can find the Xiaomi data cable, charger, warranty and other paperwork.

xiaomi mi3 unboxing

The Mi3 will be available in a number of colours including Yellow, Purple and Blue. It appears most sites of received black version for review.

xiaomi mi3 unboxing

A 5-inch IPS, 1080 display takes up most of the front of the phone. The bezels aren’t the narrowest, and the curved edges of the body don’t help to disguise their girth.

xiaomi mi3 unboxing

Like all Xiaomi phones the Mi3 runs MIUI, in this case it is MIUI version 5. Anyone familiar to a Xiaomi phone will feel right at home with the Mi3.

xiaomi mi3 unboxing

As the phone has a non removable battery, the SIM is inserted via tray which slots in to the magnesium body. Next to the SIM tray is a 3.5mm head phone jack.

xiaomi mi3 unboxing

Xiaomi like to keep things familiar from phone phone to the next, so the power button and volume rocker are both on the right side of the phone as they are on the Mi2/S/A and Hongmi.

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xiaomi mi3 unboxing

The base of the phone features a receiver mic and the micro USB to the left rather than in the center.

xiaomi mi3 unboxing

From this photo it looks like the black finish of the magnesium body can easily pick up dirty, oil and marks. Hopefully the other colour options are a little better.

xiaomi mi3 unboxing

The 13 mega-pixel rear camera features a F2.2 aperture, but there is also a powerful dual LED flash for night time photos.

xiaomi mi3 unboxing

New for the Xiaomi Mi3 are the new folding covers which flip over to protect the display and can also act as a stand.

xiaomi mi3 unboxing

Rather than going for a magnetic fastener, Xiaomi have gone for the rather low-tech approach of using double sided tape to attach the cover.

xiaomi mi3 unboxing

We’ll keep our eyes on the review of the Xiaomi Mi3 as they are published over the next few weeks, and we will also publish our own review once we have received ours. [ Source ]

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  • MixXx2005

    Sorry, but it is too big. 🙁

    • defnur

      yeah, it’s bigger than SGS4 with the same screen size 🙁
      I would love to have it 4,5-4,7 inch with thin bezels, and it seems not only i do.

    • Shewky

      So big and have corners. Corners hurting my hand.. 🙁

      • Airyl

        I’ve never seen a phone without corners.

  • vijayshimla

    An amalgam of clean design and good looks..only a dream for Indians.

    • FTP


  • Petri

    Does the miui support english language?
    Is it possible to root the phone if needed?

    • yes

      • Petri

        Ok thanks, just to clarify. I will buy the phone in China. Does that version support English and rooting?

    • thinkfurther

      The miui provides two version, one is stable version, another is testing version. Only the testing version supports root.

      • Derp

        Nope,thats not right.

        Root can be enabled in the menu (at least in the Multi-ROM), you dont the Dev ROM

        • thinkfurther

          Well, I guess there are something different between the miui released in China and other countries. For I use the chinese version, the different does exist. Maybe other only provide one choice.

  • The bezels look a bit too large for a 5 inches phone. I will wait for the next Nexus anouncement before deciding on buying a mi3.

    • thinkfurther

      I just wonder why many companies sell lager and lager phone.

      • anony

        Because it’s cheaper to design I guess.

  • Greg

    I think the sharp corners at the bottom may make it uncomfortable to hold when using it one-handed. I know the sides are rounded (and look great), but from the front the corners are a right angle. Rounded sides and rounded corners are much more comfortable to hold, especially when the device is wide. It looks lovely though 🙂

    • anony

      I’d take practicality over aesthetics, and it’s not like you can’t design beautiful phone without compromising comfort.

  • Greg

    Does the glass go to the very top and bottom edge on the front? I can’t quite tell from the photos, but if it does it will be very easy to break it…

  • iBoy

    No Piston Headphones ?

    • Nope, but they are only 99 Yuan now (2 paris just arrived and they are rather good!)

  • dino

    I need the hammer test on screen like oppo finder went through to give my verdict also the tempreature odf 76 core version during benchmark and graphixs heavy games.
    Fingers crossed

  • Mik

    mahh hardware ok but design… shit

    waiting nexus 5…. or new Techdy bear 5″

  • zgz

    the unboxing says its a plastic body?

    • hven

      yeah it says 塑質 which is essentially plastic

  • foggyflute

    Hey Andy, according to the tear down thread in en dot miui dot com, the back is plastic, not magnesium as reported here, pls confirm.

  • Maczek

    Who know where I buy MI3 for a good price and worldwide shipping?

    • Rex

      You can buy MI3 on xiaomi’s website after …half year

      they always use this trick for good price

  • Arifullah

    Dear Andi,

    does this phone have gorilla glass?

    • Rex

      it’s gorilla glass 3gen

  • Jogo

    does it support 4G LTE? and if not, what’s the options to get it on time for the international shipment?

    • No it doesn’t. You will either have to wait for an international launch or try and get one from a reseller at a good price.

      • Jogo

        thanks, Andi! i hope Xiaomi will anounce soon their international plans for us

  • CFT

    old-school style (

  • Raul

    I can’t help feeling this is a step back, perhaps a big one, for Xiaomi. They were carrying a lot of impetus into this as the next big hope of a truly different kind of chinese company, one that focused on design, quality and software engineering and eschewed the quick profits of rip off designs and low quality.

    The expectation for the MI3 were huge, but you can’t become a great company building blatant ripoffs. No one is going to be proud carrying a phone which looks like a chinese Lumia with android.

    What they have delivered reverses the years of progress and reduces them and expectations for a new model. When you cease to excite consumers you are in trouble. Xiaomi need to correct this blunder asap.

  • Yorgos

    Raul, although you are entitled to your opinion, allow me to say…for a rather subjective opinion is a bit too judgemental – not to Xiaomi but to the people who’ll spend their money on what THEY consider is worth it.
    If it was not Lumia but yet another design “inspired” by the Galaxys, the Xperias, the iPhones or whatnot, would some still have the same reactions about the design?…possibly yes…
    Therefore in my view, you can only do that much when it comes to “ground-breaking” design, unless you can re-invent geometry altogether – dunno if this feasible while accommodating the wow factor though 🙂
    I believe for the majority of people utilizing technology in this day-and-age, the key feature is to have a smooth and stable user interface/operating system.
    From general consensus it is evident that Xiaomi does deliver in that department, or at list they make sure to release updates at frequent intervals.
    That is why I believe millions will prove you wrong. Kind Regards

  • rizall yusoff

    Can i use this phone in malaysia.

    • Airyl

      Yes. Regards from KL.

  • You guys think developers make recovery for it to flash custom roms ?
    and you guys think CM will have their room for this phone?

  • AAAA

    Xiaomi is not welcomed by XDA because they violate the GPL license. So yeah it’s bad for us who wants a ROM, but we will find it elsewhere I am sure. I heard you can find official developments on the official forum.

    • i just like to install CM on the Xiaomi mi3.if i can’t install CM rom on it.i don’t want to buy it plz confirm me.for this case.
      thanks quick replay

      • AAAA

        You are exactly how I am thinking at the moment – no ROM no talk! As far as I know there are AOKP or CM ROMs for their Xiaomi devices on the official forum (search for miuiandroid community forum). However the development for this phone will not be as active as other flagship phones because the forum is not XDA, and the phone is not widely available worldwide, that’s for sure. If you only want CM, then go ahead and buy one. I am still unsure of whether I should get one because I want PAC-man ROM, but I think I will. It’s too cheap and the hardware is just too good.

  • relu

    does this unboxing mean that you can start buying this device? if yes please show me were to buy this phone cuz i just need to have it ! thanks in advance

  • zanster

    Does this comes with MTP protocol for mounting Sdcard or a regular USB drivers?

  • Ibrahim

    Can I use this phone in Saudi Arabia??
    I want to activate the 3G internet can I do that?
    If yes then please tell me which version I take, Tegra 4 or Snapdragon 800?
    Thanks a lot! 🙂

    • osinachi

      you can only use the Snapdragon 800 in foreign country. That is the version that supports WCDMA which answers your need for 3G Internet. OS Language is English, Chinese and some few others. If your Language is not listed, there is a forum where you can download your language ROM.