iPhone 5S specifications leaked ahead of tomorrows launch!

iPhone 5S specifications leaked ahead of tomorrows launch!


Apple tipsters have struck the iPhone 5S leak mother lode today, as Chinese tech site CTechnology have posted full specs of the new flagship Apple phone!

It seems pretty certain that Apple will unveil 2 new iPhone models at the Apple launch tomorrow. The iPhone 5c, a plastic bodied phone aimed at those on a ‘budget’ and the flagship iPhone 5S which will look almost identical to the current iPhone 5 but with a few updates.

So what will these updates be? According to CTechnology the iPhone 5S specifications include a 4-inch 1136 x 630 Retina display, dual-core A7 CPU, 8 mega-pixel rear camera with F2.0 aperture (the same as the Meizu MX3) and support for 1080p video and 120fps. 1.2 mega-pixel front camera, fingerprint scanner and 250 hours of standby time.

Not all that amazing when compared to the current crop of Android devices from China, but more than enough to get the blood pumping in a true fanboi.

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  • fonix232

    As I see it is a new feature that they removed the markings from the home button. Now they’ll go after Motorola (first fingerprint-reading smartphone) and Samsung (no markings on the single hardware button)?

  • pofi

    no quad core? apple please

    • Andrew

      They’re too busy being hip to keep up with Android manufacturers but I bet that won’t stop them from labelling their new phone “revolutionary” and charging twice the price of a top-of-the-line Android device for it.

      • steve

        Let’s not pretend that Android is as polished and smooth running as iOS. Also, how’s all that malware working for you?

        • djgicko

          today the irony is fans of product like i phone have to come to China phone forums.
          on top they forget that ios app store also has malware and other vernablities but they sacked the one who exposed it.
          i wish they make brain scannerson iphone to get right developers and designers for their phone.

  • pa5t1s

    “…iPhone 5S specifications include a 4-inch 1136 x 630 Retina display…”
    Weird resolution? 324dpi, neither 16/9 nor 16/10 :S

  • RobertNL

    Lets hope that it is the first phone with a 64 bit chip; that would be a gigant leap (and forces others to follow faster :D).

    • Xum

      I think 64-bit ARM chips won’t be used in phones for another year or two, first they will appear in server hardware. It seems like a promising niche for them, a cheap and power efficient ARM octacore (or some crazy 64-core) would be perfect for running a busy web server on the cheap.

      • tino96

        It has an A7 64 bit chip… is this like more powerful than S4 Pro and SD800?

  • Shawn

    I don’t think the article is accurate regarding the screen resolution. Either that or it was translated into English incorrectly.

  • jj

    That would be “mother lode”, not “mother load”…

  • Bartman

    What a pityful specicification update, after a year of waiting you get another dual core phone for 900 dollars? Wow, nice. Apple has lost it’s edge of technology, that’s for sure. These new iPhone 5s models are nothing but overpriced, yes Aluminum body, true, looks cool, yet other phones have much more to offer. 4 inch screen, wow, this is not very eye watering anymore. Apple, go with 4.7 inch and you are maybe back in business.