Spiri, a hackable flying robot on Kickstarter now!

Have you ever fancied your own programable flying robot? Well now here is your chance with the Spiri Kickstarter.

I remember when I was still just a wee boy and my main gadget was the original Nintendo Entertainment System, I watched a movie named ‘Batteries not included’ and thought how exciting it would be to have my own cute autonomous flying robot. Well now it is possible, and while Spiri isn’t of extraterrestrial origin, it does have a mind of its own and is rather cute.


A Canadian based start-up are behind the Spiri Kickstarter project, which combines the stability and manoeuvrability of a quad-copter with the ease of app programming to create your very own drone.

Spiri will be shipped with a powerful processor, motors and the skills it needs to fly and avoid obstacles, it will then be up to app designers and hackers to come up with jobs for Spiri to perform. Some possible aerial jobs include photograph and video, to even spotting land mines!

The project is live on Kickstarter now where you can learn more about the idea and pledge to back the team if you want to become a part of it.

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