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The iPhone has largely remained unchanged throughout its life and the iPhone 6 seems to be much of the same, with the exception of a possibly borderless design.

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lenovo s850

We don’t know what Lenovo have been feeding their designers but they should keep it up as the all glass Lenovo S850 is simply stunning.

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Designers of smartphones have many goals which they hope to achieve, one of them to produce a borderless phone, and this leaked photo might be as close as will get!

Christmas comes a day earlier for GizChina as we have received both the 8-core THL T100S and the still unreleased Zopo ZP998 flagship phones for review!

Hot on the heals of the Carpad T6 comes the OrientPhone P6+ sporting the same Huawei Ascend P6 body but with larger high resolution display, NFC and more.

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TCL have released an official render of the new 6-inch TCL N3, a phone we believe will eventually be available internationally as n Alcatel model.

Have you ever fancied your own programable flying robot? Well now here is your chance with the Spiri Kickstarter.

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Ex-Nokia CEO, Thomas Zilliacus, has formed a new brand named Newkia and plans to built the Nokia Android phone we dreamed of but never had.

September 2nd is the date Meizu will unveil the flagship MX3, but tipsters aren’t prepared to wait and are continuing to leak early photos.

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Renders of a new THL Android model have emerged, showing us what could be the company’s flagship THL W11.

ZoPhone weren’t the first to launch an iPhone 5 clone in China, however they do seem to have produced the most accurate iPhone 5 clone …

We’ve not really been keeping you guy’s up to date with the latest developments from Zopo but that’s about to change (test unit is on …

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If you were anything like me in the mid 80’s you watched Knight Ryder religiously, lied to your teachers about being called Micheal Knight and …

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With such a competitive Android tablet market, lower prices and similar specifications mean that manufacturers are basically differentiating themselves on design and overall look alone. …

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  Yipai may not be the first brand you think of when you look for a stylish, and powerful tablet, but they should be as …

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Another old favourite has turned up to show off some new features! This time our old pal the Haipad has popped up, but with a …

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Someone at Lenovo has obviously been looking at the current crop of 10-inch tablets and have decided that they just aren’t big enough so have …

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Chongqing was once surrounded by 17 great gates which were built during the Song and Ming dynasties, however due to various reasons all but 2 …

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If you clicked on this link expecting to see an Android tablet dripping with gold medallions and sporting a Mohican then your going to be …

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When the Nintendo Wii was finally unveiled with it’s hilarious name I really thought there would be no device to ever top the Wii from …

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