China’s first borderless phone spy photo emerges, Vivo, Oppo?

Designers of smartphones have many goals which they hope to achieve, one of them to produce a borderless phone, and this leaked photo might be as close as will get!

The leaked photo shorted by Weibo user ‘oldyao’ is reported to be of an Android smartphone which has been in development for the past 3 years. The photo is rather dark and difficult to make out all the details, but what we can see are two extremely narrow bezels, almost a hair’s width on either side of the display.

We can also just about make out the ‘chin’ of the phone (we think) which extends further down than we normally see. Perhaps making such narrow bezels has forced designers to add a little length to the device?

No other details are known at the moment other than we will likely see it launched sometime next year and it will be a more expensive high-end phone competing with the likes of Apple and Samsung.

What is this mystery device? Is a new Vivo, could it be the Find 7? Or is it something else?

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