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AllCall Rio

It appears as AllCall are joining the borderless screen train and will be releasing a new device named AllCall Rio. Down below you can see …

nubia z11 hands on review

I’ve been using a new phone, and I like it quite a lot! Here are my first impressions of the Nubia Z11 smartphone.

Want to go borderless for the summer? Well now is the time to pick up the new Elephone S3 smartphone at an amazing intro price of only $149.99!

Nubia are set to launch a new flagship phone with an improved border-less design technology for better viewing and a thinner phone design. Nubia have …

ulefone future presale

First seen at MWC in Spain, the borderless Ulefone future is now listed on sale for $269.99. What do you think of this pricing for the specs.

ELEPHONE P9000 Black

Forget those huge black bezels we usually see on Elephone devices, the new P9000 range is promised to feature a borderless design.

xiaomi mi5 leaked

As the year draws on, Xiaomi fans are turning their attention to the upcoming Xiaomi Mi5 launch and what it may hold. Perhaps this spy photo is the first hint as what to expect?

oppo r7

We’re already used to the idea that Oppo phones always have an added premium, but how to you guys feel about the possibility of $483 for the Oppo R7?

Nubia have just wrapped up the launch of the Nubia Z9 flagship range in Beijing. Here are the full details of all 3 versions of the new phone.

oppo r7

Oppo have confirmed the Oppo R7 today, a phone seen in numerous spy photos over the coming weeks with a launch expected in May.

meizu MX4 concept

A concept video of the Meizu MX4 has surfaced and is enough to make any Meizu fan week at the knees!

The iPhone has largely remained unchanged throughout its life and the iPhone 6 seems to be much of the same, with the exception of a possibly borderless design.

Designers of smartphones have many goals which they hope to achieve, one of them to produce a borderless phone, and this leaked photo might be as close as will get!

Gold and near borderless are not features you would expect from a sub $100 Android smartphone, but just take a look at the Sunnycube M8 and that’s exactly what you get!

TCL have released an official render of the new 6-inch TCL N3, a phone we believe will eventually be available internationally as n Alcatel model.

TCL are working on a new flagship phone to replace the successful TCL Idol X, what they have come up with is the very stunning TCL N3.

While we are pretty sure that Xiaomi are planning 2 possible entry-level phones next month what we are really excited about is the flagship Xiaomi …

Rumours of BBK’s borderless Vivo X5 are back in the news today after sources close to the company revealed the new phone could be named the Vivo XPlay and will launch as early as May.

Spy photos show the Vivo X5 is set to become the worlds first borderless phone featuring a 1080HD display and super thin design!