Borderless Nubia Z9 launched, full specifications

Borderless Nubia Z9 launched, full specifications


Nubia have just wrapped up the launch of the Nubia Z9 flagship range in Beijing. Here are the full details of all 3 versions of the new phone.

After weeks of leaks and photos there really wasn’t much we didn’t know about the Nubia Z9 before the official launch earlier today. Now that the phone is official we have learned there will be 3 models with high pricing reflecting Nubia’s high-end ambitions.

Basic specifications for all 3 versions of the Nubia Z9 flagship range include a glass and alloy body measuring in at 147.38 x 68.34 x 8.94mm with a 2.5D glass display. The panel itself is a 5.2-inch 1080p model with a very thin bezel of just 0.8mm which reflects the content on-screen to give a bezel free appearance.

All 3 versions of the Nubia Z9 come with a Snapdragon 810 processor, 2900mAh battery, Bluetooth 4.1, MHL 3.0 and NFC. Camera specifications are shared on each version too with the front camera being a Sony 8 mega-pixel with 80 degree lens and rear camera a 16 mega-pixel unit with F2.0 aperture and OIS. The latest version of Nubia UI 3.0 offers rich camera features including NeoVision 5.1 for near SLR performance.

nubia z9

Audio is boosted in the Z9 flagship range with NeoSound 4.0 and a AKM4961 Hi-Fi processor plus Dolby 7.1 surround.

As we reported earlier there is an FIT interactive frame on the Nubia Z9 which means the body is touch sensitive and reacts to gesture controls. The GIFs below show the system taking screenshots, adjusting brightness and activating the camera.

In addition to FIT, there is also the new TIO patented fingerprint technology (in the Exclusive edition of the phone only). We need to double-check the details but it seems that TIO is implemented on the power and volume rocker meaning your fingerprint sill be scanned in either place allowing the phone to unlock.

So there are some interesting features and being a flagship phone we should expect a high price, but how much will the Nubia Z9 cost? Well the basic or ‘Classic’ version with 3GB RAM and 32GB memory costs 3499 Yuan, an Elite edition with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage is 3999 Yuan, and the Exclusive edition with 4GB RAM, 64GB memory and TIO costs a wallet scaring 4499 Yuan!

The pre sale of the Z9 has already started over in China, so keep your eyes peeled for resellers to sell this expensive flagship device.

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  • Max

    I guess if they only intend to sell it to China, who will buy it? They have so many other great phones to buy… Interesting concept at least, I have to give them that.

  • What in da hell is TIO? and does that really warrant the extra 500 yuan?

    • AdM

      According to another site, TIO is:

      “Another interesting feature of the Nubia Z9 definitely worth noting is the company’s new proprietary fingerprint reading technology. It is dubbed TIO and will be included in the higher-end Exclusive edition of the handset only.”

  • toioioio

    so the zt9 max has no ois but the Z9 has?
    and if the z9 comes for around 600$ how much will the max cost in the end?…

    • JudikJ7

      the max variant will be cheaper

      • toioioio

        ive noticed chinese phone prices going through the roof….
        i dont see the max version,being cheap.

  • Rob

    So by the time resellers get hold of this then we’re looking at over $800! Thats a lot of money for a Chinese phone with little or not warranty if it goes wrong. For that kind of money I could buy any high end phone here in the UK and have full warranty. I think I’ll pass on this one.

    • Marius Cirsta

      True but this is a truly impressive phone and I suspect prices will eventually come down.
      I’d easily shell out around $300-$400 for this one. I like the smallish screen and the compact size plus the build quality seems the best you can get.

      • Rob

        So basically you would buy one if the price drops 50-60%?! If they were to price it like that in the first place then I’m sure lots more people would buy it!

        • Marius Cirsta

          Yes, that’s what I’m saying …. well the market will determine the price of this. I’m sure people will buy it even at these prices first but I might be able to get it for $400 at some point, my Optimus G is just fine. The current Nubia is priced for even less I think.
          And if I won’t be able to get it a $400 that’s that, I’ll spend $200 on a decent Xiaomi or something and that’s that.
          I sure as hell am not paying more than $400 for a no warranty phone but at $400 I might just get it… the main think I like about it is the build , size and all that… it’s something other manufacturers are forgetting about with their 5.5 behemoths.

  • david

    With closed kernel this is shit

    • antidumb

      how and why? not everyone need open kernel, custom rom always shit, well 80% of custom rom is shit, no significant feature enhance

  • There is no key-press on ZTE Nubia Z9

  • kubalion

    It looks like they prefer to sell 10 phones for $800 each than 1000 for around 500. Good move ZTE!

  • nubia Z9 introduction

    • Ada

      wow, nice video! Nubia z9 is a magic phone.

  • Ulti

    Not something I’d ever buy due to the price and large top and bottom bezels but this is definitely something new and pushes some boundaries. 5.2″ screen in a 68.34mm wide chassis is pretty impressive.

    • Marius Cirsta

      Yep, it might no do well given the price but I think other manufacturers should take not and realize not everyone wants a 5.5 or 6 inch pocket buster.

  • HellO

    Snapdragon 810?
    Which kind? Maybe v2.1 like Xiaomi Mi Note Pro?

  • Yeti hand

    Muhammad Yasir must be screaming and hiding in his closet right now cuz of that high price

    • balcobomber25

      I am hiding in my closet at the thought of a Nubia phone costing this much.

    • Muhammad Yasir

      i assume you guys did notice the 24 hour break (refuge) i took from the internet…. 😀
      guess what was the reason 😛

      • Hellvetta

        High price of your Internet?

        • Muhammad Yasir

          @hellvetta , you COMPLETELY missed the point , dint ya ? go figure :p

          on the contrary , internet prices are REALLY kind here in Pakistan… say around $16 for a month of 2mbps with unlimited B/Width (say around 500GB)

  • George

    Yassir is preparing a voodoo nubia dummy ritual right now

    • Muhammad Yasir

      arent u a pesky one now ?!
      how on EARTH did u know what i was doing in the confines of room !

  • Zdenda PH

    why ???? nubia z7 has QHD display and z9 only FullHD…………..why ????

    • Marius Cirsta

      Because if I’ll put two displays in front of you, one being a QHD and one being a fullHD, I can guarantee you won’t really know which is which.
      For 5.2 inches FullHD is really enough, seriously … anything more is just for bragging rights, just like a high MP number on cameras.
      There’s more to a display than pure resolution I can think of sunlight readability for instance, color reproduction and last but certainly not least, power consumption, fullHD will use much less power and games will run much more smoothly ( about 1/2 of the pixels to render ).
      It could also be they really wanted a nice small form factor which I see as a major benefit of this phone and they could only source a fullHD 5.2 inch display especially since it has 2.5D and borderless fancy stuff.

  • David Košič

    This phone isn’t meant for international buyers. Since we can easily get a top end smartphone for that kind of money from our carriers. Not to mention ZTE software support is a joke compared to the other big players.

  • Marius Cirsta

    Well these phones are certainly not worth the asking price but damn, I really like them a lot , nice and small, good quality case, large batter, not usless QHD screen which just sucks up a lot of power …

  • Nopa Pasaran

    true, seems like too much for a ZTE phone at first sight, but I guess it is exactly their intention to take the brand to a higher level with this flagship device. and that’s the intention also that not everyone can afford to buy one of these, because this is exactly what differs an “Elite” product from the rest of the crowd.

  • iKosh

    Where is the 8GB RAM?

  • Angry Mobile Nerd

    I hate the Nubia logo more than the Micromax fist logo.

    Nuoio? What’s that? — ooohhh, Nubia. Wait; that circle with a dot is a “b” and that other circle with a dot is suppose to be a “a”? If I ever write a brand book I’ll be sure to put this in the terrible logos chapter.

  • Ada

    Nubia Z9 has been officially announced in China. 5.2inch 1080P Smartphone Snapdragon 810 Octa core ram 3gb 16MP camera has Narrow-less bezel, aRC(arc Refractive Conduction)FiT(Frame interactive Technolody, TiO(Three in One) function. No smartphone until now can compare with it in these patents, news from 1949deal. review here:

  • EvolvedApe


    Somewhat tacky design (gold and red, really), with a somewhat tacky logo glowing on the back, brand most people outside of Chine have never heard of…. I guess most people will never hear of it now, for sure.

    Claim to fame: a fingerprint sensor in the volume knob (smirk).

    At $740+, it will sell maybe in the double digits. If they discount it deeply soon after introduction, it will cheapen the brand for the foreseeable future and tick off the dozen early buyers.

    Just dumb, methinks.

  • Manohar Maddineni

    hoped that it would be a bit cheaper

  • Xalis

    Interesting phone, bad pricing.

    Also on their defense Nubia UI 3.0 isn’t bad as old Nubia UI versions, updating my z7 mini to Nubia UI 3.0 made me feel not so bad about buying the z7 mini, in fact I kind of like it now.


    too cheap

  • Kenshiro

    Hi folks,
    What would you do, acquire a Z7 Max now or wait for the Z9 Max which will be available this month ?

  • sisi77

    it is really beautiful this smartphone, it as beautiful as iPhone 6 or Galaxy S6, but unfortunately it is not commercialize in our country.

    galaxy note 3 ipad air 2 avec forfait