Update: Xiaomi Power Strip $12 through resellers

xiaomi power strip

The Xiaomi Power Strip is another example of Xiaomi diversifying its range, and another example of a well made, and well priced must have accessory.

You can get the Mi Power Strip through Flosmall for $12 with the code: gizstrip.

If you have ever ordered a gadget, phone, powerbank, tablet, etc from China you probably also received one of those rather cheap adapter plugs for using the Chinese plug in your mains outlets. My main issue with these adapters, other than their dubious build, is the fact that I can never find one when I need it, and when I do it is usually the loose one that won’t hold the plug in the socket.

Replace these with a Xiaomi Power Strip
Replace these with a Xiaomi Power Strip

That’s all in the past now though as I have upgraded to a Xiaomi Power Strip.

xiaomi power strip

Xiaomi announced the power strip in China for only 49 Yuan, international pricing through resellers is around $15.

Like any other power strip, you have a power switch, good length of quality mains cable and a few sockets for plunging in your device, but with the addition of 3 x USB plugs.

The power strip still requires the use of one adapter plug (Flosmall sent over a quality adapter with ours) to connect to the mains, but once hooked up it is much more convenient for keeping your devices juiced.

xiaomi power strip

The built-in USB’s offer 2A charging, so if you do have a fast charger you will need to connect to the main sockets with the fast charger that came with your device.

Each socket offers added protection, and there are even plastic gates inside to stop little fingers touching the powerpoint inside. A built-in 10a overload protection unit offers added safety while the body is made of flame retardant material.

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xiaomi power strip

It might not be a sexy gadget, but the Xiaomi Power Strip is a great value accessory that anyone with a few Chinese gadgets will appreciate owning.

Xiaomi don’t currently offer their Power Strip outside of China, but resellers have stock and are selling them now.

How long till we see other phone makers jump on the power strip bandwagon?

[ Flosmall ]
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