Vivo X5 could be world’s first 1080HD borderless phone!

Vivo X5 could be world’s first 1080HD borderless phone!


BBK’s Vivo brand of Android phones has really stepped up! Last year they launched the thinnest 6.55mm Android phone on the market, and now it appears they are looking to launch the world’s first borderless phone!

What we have above is a leaked photo of the purported screen for the Vivo X5. As the name would suggest, the X5 will be a 5-inch phone, but a closer look at the photo shows that there is a significant different between this 5-incher and others currently listed.

The image distinctly shows that the X5 will be a borderless phone with no bezel on either the left or right side of the display. This is a trend many manufacturers have been aiming towards, but it looks as though Vivo have beaten them to it.

vivo x5 specifications

Now for the exciting part! It appears that Vivo are already gearing up to launch the 5-inch Vivo X5, as this photo shows the Vivi team preparing for a launch show! We can see that the X5 will in fact have a 1080 1920 x 1080 display and 13 mega-pixel rear camera, making the X5 a true rival for the UMi X2!

Sources close to Vivo have suggested the X5 will use a quad-core MT6589 CPU, with 2GB RAM, 32GB of built-in memory and a 2050 battery. The battery size may sound on the low side, but we believe it is due to a super thin design!

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  • anon

    “Rival to Umi X2”
    Only if they priced it right.

    • Airyl

      That’s right. The previous super thin Vivo was overpriced as hell.

  • XrainX

    Oh no! I just can’t believe that somebody will make the first borderless smartphone before Samsung Galaxy S5 or IPhone 8. Yes, S6 and 8, because they are feeling strong with S4 and 6.
    A smartphone can’t be full borderless because some margin must protect it and if the design will include side buttons will be needed more space.
    In the battle for the borderless is possible to not have any buttons or connectors on the sides.
    But maybe this will be on Samsung S6 or IPhone 9. 😀

    • andres lines

      Why border for protect it if the glass is the enough hard supporting scratch and punch? Will see….

      • anon

        Because it’s less likely to break from drops.

      • Indeed the screens with the current technology require a minimal border to be protected. But what XrainX forgot is, that the border does not necessarily have to be on the front, it can extend from the sides, without actually touching the top part of the glass (like the metal frame of the iPhone 4 and +). So it is quite likely that ViVo will do launch the first phone to sport such a screen. But as it was mentioned before, the price will be quite high (the original ViVo phone with the extra slim body was somewhat expensive, 600USD plus shipping).

  • XrainX / image / aaeb30238147001
    The display needs some rubber material to protect against dust.
    I don’t think they can make this sealing material perfect transparent.